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Version 0.9.8 patch

New Features

  • Added more sound effects into the game
  • Able to cast spells (attack and buffs)
  • Action bar and spells added in
  • Buffs applied for certain items and spells (will show top of screen)
  • Music added to game on a per tile basis
  • Messages shown in your chat when going or leaving temp criminal status
  • Add intro music to the game
  • Tailoring skill added
  • New Alchemy recipes
  • New quests, monsters, npcs, towns, and more
  • Quest in the Artisan Hall for Foraging, Tailoring, and Healing
  • Notifications when completing a task for a daily quest
  • New GM/DEV permission for spawning npcs or monsters
  • Able to travel to Corsinth Castle and progress to harder monsters
  • Added drops to many monsters

Gameplay Changes

  • Looted item in corpses show with a red border around them
  • Changes to exp tables – all character’s stat point have been reset
  • Double clicking to equip a ring will automatically go into the empty second slot if first slot has a ring already
  • Ctrl clicking monsters/npcs now shows their level as well as health
  • Weapon class skill levels will increase attack (skill / 4.0)
  • Elemental skill levels will aid in blocking elemental hits (skill / 4.0)
  • Bow Saw and Hand Saw are now Lumberjacking items
  • Balanced many aspects of the game – tradeskill success rates, monster strength, etc.

Bug Fixes

  • Character selection screen is updated when switching characters
  • Window dragging is much faster (able to better keep up with fast mouse movements) – probably the best I can fix it
  • Daily quest countdown timer is more fluid
  • SFX/Music being at different volume levels
  • Character window guild tag will update with changes (join guild, leave guild, etc.)
  • Mobs properly targeting npcs now
  • Healing exp not shown if someone heals you
  • NPC and mobs randomly getting stuck in place

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