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Version 0.9.9 patch

New Features

  • File count check or download progress on the login screen
  • Animated weapons, armors, and items (limited content, but will display in all areas)
  • Attack (Weapon and Elemental), Block, and Miss sound effects
  • Secure trading!!
  • Added a rivals window (control click on other players)
  • Able to friend other players or trade with them in the rivals window
  • New walls and floor tiles throughout Kisnard
  • Added in a tier 3.5 set – Barbarian
  • Added in bestiary window – track npc and mob kills and also faction kills and shard counts
  • Added in collections window – track and add weapons/armor/items to your collection
  • Added the ability to buy unlocks from the premium shop
  • Lucky bags and tier 1-5 armor/weapon chests added to the game. Treasure hunters here we come.
  • Convert and upgrade your gemstones in the premium shop
  • Added time of day into the game with different lighting and shadows
  • New NPCs, Monsters, Armors, Rings, Necklaces, Alchemy recipes, quests, etc.
  • Shift targeting – hold down the shift key and move the mouse over a monster/npc/player to attack without having to click on them
  • Hear other players sounds (tradeskills, level up, etc.) and the volume will change based on the distance you are from the source
  • Add last crafted item to top of crafting recipes list – for convenience
  • Add colored allegiance slider to the character window
  • Map changes and updates – new points of interest
  • More drops added to existing monsters
  • Added more healing items to the merchant shops
  • SITE: New factions wiki page – also linked from mobs and npc pages (when faction is unlocked for that mob/npc)
  • SITE: Added wiki unlocks counts on players wiki page
  • SITE: Monster, NPC, and resource wiki pages show map where they are located (not each point – general area)
  • SITE: Changed all pages to use mysqli with prepared statments and sped up database calls
  • SITE: Made browser caching work properly, vastly improved page loading times and ranking
  • SITE: Created thumbnails for random screenshots and updated all screenshots page
  • SERVER: Updated all software to latest versions – dramatic speed improvements on website, forums, and game

Gameplay Changes

  • During PvP (hitting, looting, killing, getting hit) you gain active pvp time – if you log off before it runs out, you die
  • Lowered temp crim time gained when hitting from 60s to 10s
  • Unable to sell or trade looted items
  • Corpses no longer able to be on top of spawn gates
  • Able to take back weapons and armors that were looted from you
  • Updated the look of weapon, armor, item, and spell ctrl detail popups
  • Moved health and mana into a seperate window and no longer on the button bar window
  • Increased monster walk speed
  • Casting aggressive spell on yourself does not make you crim
  • Clicking on yourself does not remove your aggro target
  • Spell cast cooldown client messages to show decimal point
  • No longer painting None (elemental hits)
  • More Goblins added to the cave
  • More Tormented Souls added to the cave
  • Healing chance with items increased from (skill lvl + 25%) to ((skill lvl/2) + 45%)
  • Healing chance with spells changed from (skill lvl + 40%) to ((skill lvl/2) + 50%)
  • Changed what weapons/armors are sold at various shops
  • Increased starting healing items health gain amounts
  • Increased cloth drops
  • Increased monster walk distance when aggro

Bug Fixes

  • Flickering ctrl cursor fixed and cursor is much smoother
  • Issues with painting font sizes changes live
  • Fixed some spells not showing in spell book – Thanks bugreporter!
  • Crash on quest unaccept – thanks to Jade for triggering this bug
  • Added Premium Shop to the options window
  • Locked daily quests window painting small
  • Chat window to not lose focus if hit enter or clicked in it, until pressing send or hitting enter
  • Dying underground does not re-open minimap on respawn if you had it open before you went underground
  • NPC Q-quest bubble not painting right
  • Tradeskill boosting equipment (smelting apron) give bonus
  • Tradeskill finishing tools (hammer) give bonus again
  • Wiki unlocks happening for random things
  • Buff lasting longer than it should (makes client side show negative countdown)
  • No longer getting 1 None exp with each hit
  • Show spell damage number over top of castee
  • Fixed exploitable quest issues

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