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Version 1.1.0 patch

New Features

  • New quests and weapons
  • Actions window now shows animations for the cooldowns (spell, potion, and food)
  • Added ability to auto craft
  • Potions now have sound effect
  • Potions now show health animation when players use them
  • New mid level elemental armor and weapons
  • Chat announcement for active events when you login
  • Actions bar numbers stand out more

Gameplay Changes

  • Decreased potion wait time
  • Food will grant more hp/mana than potions – values changed to be forumla-driven based on level
  • Tradeskill recipe success rate values changed to be forumla-driven based on level – majority have close to doubled
  • Tradeskill recipe exp values more than doubled
  • Serpent set sprite no longer requires dagger to be equipped
  • Tradeskill gathering exp slightly increased
  • Weapon and armor sell price dropped from 25% to 10%
  • Tradeskill weapon and armor success rates lowered, but exp doubled
  • SITE: Deleted characters are hidden from various pages

Bug Fixes

  • SITE: Registration form was throwing an error
  • SITE: Wiki supports multiple crafting recipes for same item
  • If you crashed while walking you would be stuck in a loop on next login
  • Added commas between large numbers for readability
  • Cleaned up some fuzzy sounds and music files
  • Bank will not open in random area when unlocking 2 or 3
  • Walked extra step when blocked by mob or npc that moved after you stopped walking
  • Leveled up messages are red
  • Incorrect heal amount painting
  • Casting spells did repaint mana amount
  • Server side trade logic and messages
  • Server side distribute messages logic tweaks
  • Potions, shards, teleports, boosts, and unlocks did not update weight
  • Guild create faction was sending localized command instead of expected English
  • When smelting lead ore with maxed out backpack you could lose the ignots
  • Tradeskill processing and finishing were sometimes showing failure when you succeeded
  • ‘Green Slime’ item now drops
  • Item boost rates text was showing for already past events

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