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Version 1.1.9 patch

New Features

  • ANDROID: Facebook, Forums, and Discord buttons added to the game menu.
  • Players own chat messages show in slightly darker color.

Gameplay Changes

  • Arrows and bolts weight decreased.
  • Dexterity and Intelligence give better buff to weight capacity. Strength lowered a fraction.
  • Buffed guards a bunch.

Bug Fixes

  • Rewrote connection handling code to try and fix server hangs.
  • ANDROID: fixed some rare crashes and slightly less resource-intensive.
  • ANDROID: if you got disconnected and then logged back in sometimes you saw a cave area and had to close and come back in again.
  • ANDROID: had to log back out to readd someone to your friend list that you removed while logged in.
  • ANDROID: fixed many crashes that could occur after switching characters.
  • Mana healing items were checking for full health instead of mana server side.

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