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Version 1.2.3 patch

New Features

  • More content for mid level players – quests, monsters, etc.
  • Putrid and Boss type monsters added
  • Friends window all tab has more functionality
  • Bonus block percent added to the character screen

Gameplay Changes

  • Minimap now able to be used underground
  • Skill level requirements and bonuses now factor in almost everything (i.e. equipment, requirements, spell buffs, etc.)
  • Daily quests more relevant to players level, longer, and give better rewards
  • Cristiana protects players from death level 25 and under
  • Buffed starter equipment and nerfed starter monsters

Bug Fixes

  • Armor skill requirements were locked to Blocking skill (chef hat is cooking, smelting arpon is smelting)
  • Animations were happening in non-visible tiles
  • Recraft with multiple recipes showing proper one
  • Tradeskill luck calculations were off a bit
  • COMPUTER: Requirements popup colors factor in buffed stat levels
  • ANDROID: Chat windows type dropdowns stay in sync
  • ANDROID: Spells window cooldowns were showing incorrect durations
  • ANDROID: Actions window circle countdowns were sometimes painting backwards

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