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Version 1.3.2 patch

New Features

  • Enchanting is here. Speak with the Wandering Wizard to enchant your items through +4
  • Holiday islands added with dev/gm tools to turn Holiday island teleporters on and off
  • Trades town major mapping updates
  • Added most collected section on the leaderboards
  • Gathering tradeskills drop skill tomes
  • SERVER: more efficient database saving
  • ANDROID: added leaderboard button in place of forums
  • SITE: added level and age on player wiki page

Gameplay Changes

  • Able to change player name while in a guild
  • Buffed elemental armors
  • Increased spawn of salamanders poison
  • Database prepwork to extend guild functionality
  • Skills and overall level exp progress bars consistent on PC and Android
  • Removed DEVs from leaderboards

Bug Fixes

  • Plussed items stats same for some plus levels of same item
  • ANDROID:Rivals window crashes if rival has arrows/bolts equipped

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