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Version 1.4.1 patch

New Features

  • Adding many new seeds and plants
  • Added elemental damage training to School Island
  • Added Santa Claus/Headless Horseman store
  • Added new music – courtesy of Composer Elliott Leach
  • SERVER: additional protocol checking and error logging

Gameplay Changes

  • Account names are no longer case sensitive during login
  • Leveling restores health and mana
  • Updated School Island to The Capital teleport location
  • Balanced the elemental damages table
  • Greatly increased chance of unlocking Wiki weapon, armor, item drops
  • Fixed sale price of Unlock Bank 4
  • Decreased daily kill quest lower level limit
  • Increased weapon, npc, and mob speeds

Bug Fixes

  • ANDROID: Non guild leaders won’t see edit name, tag, or description buttons anymore
  • Door open noise plays when NPCs and Monsters open doors
  • Fixed unarmed hit calculation
  • Tomes were not giving bonus exp
  • Duplicate announcements when leaving a guild
  • Holiday islands were accessible even without teleport animation
  • PC: shops total not updating if price contains comma
  • ANDROID: new character window hide checkbox not working
  • SERVER: updated logging software

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