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Version 1.4.5 patch

New Features

  • Weapons and armors have rarity tiers which give unique buffs
  • rarity tiers with unique bonuses
  • Stats info button added to character screen
  • Journeyman armor set added
  • journeyman classless armor set
  • Ability to align to devil/saint allegiance on character screen
  • Open treasure messages show quantity, plus, and rarity modifiers

Gameplay Changes

  • Adjusted allegiance color scale and names
  • Holy/Criminal guards temporarily not attacking devil/saint allegiance
  • Looting and killing players/npcs as devil allegiance increases allegiance
  • Increased Ice Devil spawns and decreased Chilled Castle spawns
  • Attack targets removed when using ladders, caves, etc.
  • Increased health and mana boosts
  • Buffed monsters over level 40

Bug Fixes

  • Character db saves will rollback too – preventing bugged items on server crash
  • Fixed crashes when lots of things were occurring near you
  • Fixed a bug allowing moving stuff on ground far distances – thanks Wandrark
  • Probably fixed mobs not respawning bug

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