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Version 1.4.7 patch

New Features

  • ANDROID: New settings menu
  • android settings menu redone
  • ANDROID: Landscape actions bar setting
  • Include mob elemental type on ctrl click and inspect
  • Applicable messages include quantity, plus, and rarity
  • Guards hit players progressively harder
  • New guild leaders will be emailed to create a guild flag
  • ANDROID: Added forgot password and username buttons to the login screen

Gameplay Changes

  • Rarity bonus scaled by weapon and armor level
  • Rarity roll has weighted luck – rarer to get exp and luck
  • Reduced chance to get exp from daily quests
  • Multiple arrows/bolts granted per each craft
  • Have to be hitting something at least 1 to gain blocking exp

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with swapping item places glitching duplicates
  • Some new characters were crashing connection thanks MasterworkBoombox
  • Fixed able to swap rings from character to equip non rings thanks Wandrark
  • ANDROID: Skills window closes when switching character
  • ANDROID: Inspect popup longer names were cutoff

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