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Version 1.6.0 patch

New Features

  • New ship materials and noob boat
  • rowboat and new materials
  • ANDROID: Show red blood border effect when at 20% or less health
  • ANDROID: Allow sorting tables on Bestiary, Collections, Crafting, Quests, and Skills window. More to come.
  • More visual tradeskill animations
  • new tradeskill animations
  • If NPC target protection is on, clicks act as interactions instead

Gameplay Changes

  • Nerfed weapon and armor rarity increases, +1-+4 for uncommon-legendary, +2-+5 if level 76+ level requirement
  • Lowered required Burnt Ash, Gold, and Gems to merge weapons and armors
  • Corpse location on water instead of last land location
  • Unlooted boats will not drop if you die while on water
  • Boarding/departing a boat slows you down temporarily
  • Slowed down monster walk speed
  • Decreased monster chase distance
  • Pumpkins drop Burnt Ash
  • Increased Petrified Wyvern Feathers drop rate

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed walking speed slowdowns
  • ANDROID: Stat increase buttons showing for maxed out stats
  • ANDROID: Sound effects randomly stop playing then start again
  • Removed misplaced and half trees
  • Shortened bow/xbow animations
  • Fixed Viking Ship crafting level requirement
  • Server will shutdown if losing connection with database server
  • Backpack not updated after changing pet name

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