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Version 1.6.1 patch

New Features

  • Total skill count displayed on skills window
  • skills window total, runescape total skills
  • Shop buy/sell and boat entry/exit sound effects
  • Obsidian Mage and Ranger sprite added
  • Mailbox window split into inbox, sent, and compose tabs
  • ANDROID: Friends window now shows guild tag and friend level
  • ANDROID: Bestiary, Collections, Crafting, Friends, GMDEV, Guild, Mailbox, Premium Shop, Quests, Shop, Shop Trades, Skills, Spells windows can be sorted and load much faster
  • WIKI: Jump links added to the researchers page

Gameplay Changes

  • Wyvern, Gold, and Ethereal armor tradeskill recipes require Rubies instead of Diamonds
  • Character mailboxes will show last 10+ mail recieved and unclaimed packages of any age
  • When attacking ranged or spell while in boat a water and bird monsters has a chance to spawn
  • Daily quest tasks and gives all managed better in the database
  • ANDROID: Spells are now added to the action bar via a button on the Spell Details screen

Bug Fixes

  • Milling animation had broken frame
  • Crafting window sorting by create works on window load
  • Fixed some random disconnects

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