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44000 Lines of Code - 10/17/2015

44000 Lines of Code

October 17th, 2015

Here’s to more and more lines of code!  I am still working hard at polishing the game (new art, new features, bug fixes, etc.) and the custom graphical user interface (GUI) is looking awesome.  I ran my code analytics tool just for kicks(and because my hands are cramping).

I can’t even believe that I am up to 44,000 lines of code so far.  That is wayyyy to many LOC.  And that is after I did some refactoring the other night.  This does not include all of the damage that the website and database typing has done to my hands… arthritis.

44,000 lines of code

Hoping to have the next release online very soon. Cecihoney, Kisnard Online’s talented artist, is hard at work on the artwork end. Stay tuned!

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