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Release notes and features overhaul

In preparation for the developer spotlight on I have been reorganizing the website and updating outdated artwork. I have also posted some new screenshots and hope to add some that the community shares!

The features page is now primarily all animated gifs so that perspective players can get a better feel for the functionality and look of the game.

new features page artwork

new features page artwork

The other big update is that I moved release notes as page each on WordPress. I used to just have a long list on a separate page, but now each release notes entry is tracked as its own post for commenting/linking/etc. They also intermix on the main page with other articles for better visibility. I also included the ability to have images or gifs for individual bullets on a release note. This way I can better highlight a feature.

release note image support

Smiggley live streams

Smiggley has been doing live streams of Kisnard Online on YouTube. Smiggley was a Dransik player back in the day and a huge fan of Ultima Online as well.

First time playing Kisnard Online
Embark on an epic gaming journey with MMORPG Kisnard Online: Let’s Play PT.1
Get ready for Kisnard Play Along Part 2: A Journey of Discovery
Experience the Thrills of Kisnard Online – Part 3

Smiggley plans to do a full warrior playthrough. Check out his Twitch and Kick too from his YouTube page.

25 Best Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games

Kisnard Online made the top 25 Best Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games list from Free Apps for me. Daria put Kisnard Online 25 Best Cross-Platform Multiplayer App Games (Android & iOS) in the top 25 wooo.

Check out the full review on for me’s site too!

free apps, 25 best, top 25



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