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Server is running

My server is set-up properly!!!  I have the client built too, but am working on some tweaks.  Can’t wait for ALPHA!  Please stick in there, it will be real, real soon.

MMO Game server running

Domain move completed

My server is getting close to being set-up properly.  When this post shows up my domain has been transferred properly to Amazon EC2 and my DNS is set up correctly with Google Domains.  I hope this worked… please show up!

Build process complete

I figured out how to build my Java application without compressing it into a jar.  This allows me to leave the directory unpacked, which allows the client side code to download updates to itself, as necessary.  I built an .exe file for Windows users and am planning to work on Linux/Mac OS X next.  The awesome game icon is courtesy of GM deathaleo – so give him your thanks.

Game built into exe file



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