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Game features page

Version 0.8.5 is even closer now(next few days)!!  I have been working on some branding, including the new gameplay features page.  The Game Features link is found in the site navigation under the ‘News’ section.

Below is a small preview of the page.  The features page is now up to date… check out the whole page now.


mmorpg gameplay features

Open alpha testing

I just sent out the first subscriber email – open alpha is here!  The game is now downloadable for everyone.  Please come join us playing Kisnard Online.  Keep in mind this is an early alpha release.  There is much polish needed.  Please post any bugs you may find to the forums under the Game Bugs section.

Closed alpha testing

Closed alpha testing has been going great!  I can’t thank everyone involved enough for all of the feedback and bug spotting.  Trying to get all of the game breaking/crashing bugs fixed so the server will be stable for open testing!  As promised, I will be emailing everyone who has signed up so far when it is ready for open testing.



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