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Business Cards - 07/26/2016

Business Cards

July 26th, 2016

For those of you lucky enough to have met me in person or for those who just found business cards or stickers somewhere… kudos. I have just received my latest order of business cards and stickers from Vistaprint. Here are all of the designs that I have printed:


Version 1.0 – first card

first business cards version 1.0


Version 2.1 – brown bat cave card

brown bat cave cards version 2.1


Version 2.2 – playable sprites in grass card

playable sprites in grass cards version 2.2

Every time I run out of business cards to hand out to fellow gamers I have decided I will make a new design and order more. I have a hidden envelope in my house that has a bunch of ‘mint’ business cards and stickers of all 3 types so far. On the outside I aptly wrote ‘Kisnard Online Memorabilia’. I am hoping one day they can be an IRL prize for some game event(s). I see a long future for Kisnard Online. I am hoping one day we have a large community playing my mmorpg.

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