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Guild enhancements, School island, new slots

Version 1.4.0 is here and it contains guild enhancements, a tutorial island, and other new features. Check out the release notes for the full details.

  • School Island will teach new characters how to play
  • Guild leaders can now edit guild name, tag, and description
  • Guilds have levels based on contributions from members (shards and/or gold)
  • Guild bonus for members based on the guild level and faction (weapons/tradeskills/elemental)
  • Guild history shows who joined, left, donated, etc. and when
  • Premium Shop feature: Auto pickup gold/loot – ability to pickup by walking over stuff
  • Account banker to store between all characters
  • Costume, mount, and pet equipment slots added – costume done, but only one so far – mount and pet features not started yet
  • New polearms and wand – thanks Flamtar
    MMORPGs are not the easiest genre of game to pick up and play.  School Island is here to help with that!  All new players will start on School Island to learn combat, archery, spells, tradeskills, and more.
    tutorial, school island, new players, player guide
    MMORPGs are also known for having tons of weapons, armors, and items to collect and Kisnard Online certainly does.  The Account Banker helps you store even more stuff and lets you safely share your gear between your characters.
    account bank, banker
    The guild system got a lot of enhancements in this update.  Guilds can be leveled and each level give a better bonus based on your guild faction.  You can also see the history of guild contributions, membership, etc.
    guild levels, guild enhancements
    guild levels, guild enhancements
    Who doesn’t want to change the look of their character?  Previously you could equip a full armor set to have an updated sprite, but now costumes can also change your sprite!  Costumes even offer a tiny bit of armor and/or elemental armor.  The mount and pet slots also joined the costume slot and will be introduced in a future update.
    costumes, sprite
    costume, mount, pet, slots
    This update also brought some quality of life updates.  Players who unlocked the bestiary and collections windows can now use them on all characters on their account.  A new unlock was added to automatically pickup gold and/or loot just by walking on it.
    guild levels, guild enhancements
    This update was very exciting to release.  Thanks for reading and playing.  Please tell your friends to join you in Kisnard Online.

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