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IndieDB – Promotion

I just added a page for Kisnard Online on IndieDB. I am hoping to get the word out a bit and grow our community of players. I am doing much more advertising on other sites too. Paid and free. As always, I would appreciate any help – word of mouth is great ๐Ÿ™‚

Kisnard Online at IndieDB

Would love to see the community of players grow. Kisnard Online is much more fun playing together. I am hoping that adding the game to the database at IndieDB will help the game grow. They have a large community of people who are excited to play and support indie developers.

If you would not mind giving a (hopefully good) rating of the game it would be very much appreciated!! You can rate it here: Rate Kisnard Online @ IndieDB

rate Kisnard Online at IndieDB

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