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Kisnard Online Wiki

Welcome to the Kisnard Online Wiki page!  Select a page on the left side bar to browse the various pages of the Kisnard Online Wiki.

In order to keep the Wiki from being a game spoiler, the pages will be community driven.  As you can see in the example image below, drops will initially be hidden on the (monster, npc, etc.) pages.

example Wiki hidden drops

When players are (killing monsters/npcs, gathering weapons/armors/items, etc.) in the game, they have a chance to unlock a random thing (attribute, drop, etc.) on the corresponding page.  In the example image below you can see what it will look like when a drop is 'researched/unlocked'.

example Wiki unlocked drop

In the example image below you can see what it will look like when an attribute is 'researched/unlocked'.  In this case the 'Hit Min' attribute was unlocked.

example Wiki unlocked attribute

There is a 'Wiki researchers' section that will show who, what, and when something was unlocked.  Those unlocks will reflect instantly on the pages and serve as bragging rights.  For more definitive bragging, there is a leaderboard on the Player Leaderboards page showing the players with the most unlocks.

In the example image below you can see a 'Wiki researchers' section with the above two unlocks.

example Wiki researchers section

All players 'research/unlock' at the same rate.  Players have the ability to purchase, via diamonds, a timed percentage boost to increase all players 'research/unlock' rate.

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