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NameLevel Req.
Aloe Vera65
Arm Bone12
Arrows Of Birch14
Arrows Of Bloodwood48
Arrows Of Bronze55
Arrows Of Flame79
Arrows Of Frost74
Arrows Of Iron32
Arrows Of Lead7
Arrows Of Mahogany27
Arrows Of Maple5
Arrows Of Obsidian90
Arrows Of Pine1
Arrows Of Poison65
Arrows Of Steel19
Axe Head1
Banshee Hair73
Basket Large29
Basket Small1
Bat Wing2
Bear Paw13
Birch Logs28
Birch Planks28
Bird Claw27
Blood Root62
Bloodwood Boards65
Bloodwood Logs65
Bolts Of Birch14
Bolts Of Bloodwood48
Bolts Of Bronze55
Bolts Of Flame79
Bolts Of Frost74
Bolts Of Iron32
Bolts Of Lead7
Bolts Of Mahogany27
Bolts Of Maple5
Bolts Of Obsidian90
Bolts Of Pine1
Bolts Of Poison65
Bolts Of Steel19
Boost Boss 1hr0
Boost Boss 2hrs0
Boost Exp 1hr0
Boost Exp 2hrs0
Boost Gold 1hr0
Boost Gold 2hrs0
Boost Grim 1hr0
Boost Grim 2hrs0
Boost Luck 1hr0
Boost Luck 2hrs0
Boost Putrid 1hr0
Boost Putrid 2hrs0
Boost Wiki Unlock 1hr0
Boost Wiki Unlock 2hrs0
Bottle Empty33
Bow Saw9
Box Of Tomes10
Bread Loaves5
Bright Light0
Bronze Ingot46
Bronze Ore46
Bugged Item0
Burnt Ash5
Carpentry Tools4
Ceramic Mug0
Charred Bat Wing2
Chest Of Armor Huge82
Chest Of Armor Large61
Chest Of Armor Medium32
Chest Of Armor Small18
Chest Of Armor Tiny5
Chest Of Weapons Huge83
Chest Of Weapons Large50
Chest Of Weapons Medium29
Chest Of Weapons Small15
Chest Of Weapons Tiny4
Clay Pottery50
Cloth Scrap1
Cockroach Leg1
Cooked Sardine1
Cooked Stingray18
Cooked Tambaqui28
Cooked Turtle46
Copper Dust46
Cow Dung1
Crab Meat34
Crispy Frog Leg5
Diamond Bits0
Diamond Chunks0
Dragon Scales46
Draw Knife21
Elemental Blown Leaf0
Elemental Burning Soul0
Elemental Dark Essence0
Elemental Holy Essence0
Elemental Ice Crystal0
Elemental Polished Rock0
Ethereal Scrap65
Eucalyptus Sprig30
Fallen Angel Wings80
Fire Agate87
Fishing Pole1
Frog Leg5
Frog Skin5
Glass Beaker Large62
Glass Beaker Medium44
Glass Beaker Small22
Glass Bottle Large56
Glass Bottle Medium36
Glass Bottle Small16
Glass Vial Large51
Glass Vial Medium31
Glass Vial Small9
Gold Bar65
Gold Flakes55
Gold Hammer83
Gold Ore65
Gold Slab41
Gorgon Head91
Green Slime32
Grilled Salmon46
Grilled Tuna65
Gross Goop8
Hand Axe1
Hand Saw28
Hay Bundle1
Health Beaker Large62
Health Beaker Medium42
Health Beaker Small22
Health Bottle Large56
Health Bottle Medium36
Health Bottle Small16
Health Vial Large49
Health Vial Medium29
Health Vial Small9
Hell Spawn Tail72
Holiday Bald Eagle Feather0
Holiday Chocolate Hearts0
Holiday Clover Patch0
Holiday Easter Eggs0
Holiday Present Green0
Holiday Pumpkin Stem0
Holiday Thanksgiving Turkey0
Holly Berries13
Holly Leaf16
Huge Leaf9
Huge Mushroom9
Ice Devil Wings86
Imp Blood37
Iron Chisel35
Iron Ingot28
Iron Ore28
Jeweled Chalice10
Key Emerald14
Key Gold98
Key Onyx68
Key Sapphire47
Key Silver29
Key Turquoise84
Lavender Bunch29
Lead Ingot1
Lead Ore1
Leaf Pile8
Leather Bolt16
Letter Piece33
Lily Pink16
Lily Yellow12
Linen Scrap16
Mage Blood39
Magic Bag42
Mahogany Logs46
Mahogany Planks46
Mana Beaker Large62
Mana Beaker Medium42
Mana Beaker Small22
Mana Bottle Large56
Mana Bottle Medium36
Mana Bottle Small16
Mana Vial Large49
Mana Vial Medium29
Mana Vial Small9
Mandrake Root72
Maple Logs16
Maple Planks16
Mortar And Pestle20
Mouse Tail5
Mystic Bolt46
Name Change1
Name Change Pet1
Obsidian Chunk90
Obsidian Refined90
Petrified Wyvern Feathers65
Phoenix Tear94
Pickaxe Head1
Pine Logs1
Pine Planks1
Platinum Plate63
Potion Love Large40
Potion Love Medium30
Potion Love Small20
Potion Tengenite Death80
Potion Vial Darkness30
Potion Vial Fortune30
Potion Vial Hunter30
Potion Vial Rage30
Potion Vial Spirit30
Potion Vial Stone Skin30
Pouch Of Luck Large0
Pouch Of Luck Medium0
Pouch Of Luck Small0
Pouch Of Mist Large0
Pouch Of Mist Medium0
Pouch Of Mist Small0
Pouch Of Nothing Large73
Pouch Of Nothing Medium46
Pouch Of Nothing Small26
Roasted Anchovy16
Robe Scrap1
Rock Dust35
Rose Red28
Rose White23
Sand Pear45
Scroll Of Amplify16
Scroll Of Bless2
Scroll Of Brawn27
Scroll Of Burn3
Scroll Of Chastise9
Scroll Of Crush4
Scroll Of Curse6
Scroll Of Darken38
Scroll Of Disease14
Scroll Of Drown2
Scroll Of Ether23
Scroll Of Focus51
Scroll Of Fortify24
Scroll Of Freeze20
Scroll Of Greed30
Scroll Of Gust3
Scroll Of Heal8
Scroll Of Ice42
Scroll Of Illuminate35
Scroll Of Leech17
Scroll Of Nimble26
Scroll Of Nock13
Scroll Of Poison12
Scroll Of Rage54
Scroll Of Sanguine80
Scroll Of Slice12
Scroll Of Smite24
Scroll Of Soothe39
Scroll Of Stun19
Scroll Of Swell21
Scroll Of Tank45
Scroll Of Unleash46
Scroll Of Wisdom25
Seeds Of Apple20
Seeds Of Banana22
Seeds Of Berries1
Seeds Of Huge Mushroom9
Seeds Of Lily Pink15
Seeds Of Lily Yellow11
Seeds Of Orange23
Seeds Of Rose Red21
Seeds Of Rose White26
Seeds Of Sand Pear41
Seeds Of Strawberry63
Seeds Of Wheat70
Sewing Needle4
Sewing Needle Bronze52
Sewing Needle Iron34
Shard Of Artisans0
Shard Of Birds0
Shard Of Bugs0
Shard Of Cherubs0
Shard Of Children0
Shard Of Cursed0
Shard Of Earthen0
Shard Of Fiends0
Shard Of Frost0
Shard Of Giants0
Shard Of Humanoid0
Shard Of Inferno0
Shard Of Mages0
Shard Of Marine0
Shard Of Merchants0
Shard Of Peasant0
Shard Of Pelt0
Shard Of Protect0
Shard Of Reptiles0
Shard Of Royalty0
Shard Of Scholars0
Shard Of Undead0
Shard Of Ungrouped0
Ship Lead Nails1
Ship Lumber Mahogany46
Ship Lumber Maple16
Ship Lumber Pine1
Ship Steel16
Silk Bolt28
Silver Slab16
Snake Fang1
Snake Juice2
Snake Skin1
Spider Legs9
Spore Dust5
Stat Reset Advanced11
Stat Reset Basic1
Stat Reset Expert61
Steel Bar16
Steel Hammer22
Steel Ore16
Steel Pickaxe22
Stingray Meat18
Strong Handle34
Studded Leather Bolt28
Sturdy Pole34
Tengenite Block85
Tengenite Clay86
The Capital Teleport0
Tiny Bat Wings0
Tiny Broken Heart0
Tiny Cat Paw0
Tiny Cracked Eggshell0
Tiny Dog Paw0
Tiny Dragon Scales Green0
Tiny Dragon Scales Red0
Tiny Eagle Beak0
Tiny Fox Tail0
Tiny Hamster Pelt0
Tiny Lizard Tail0
Tiny Monkey Tail0
Tiny Pig Tail0
Tiny Pumpkin Seeds0
Tiny Rabbit Ear0
Tiny Slime Drop Blue0
Tiny Slime Drop Green0
Tiny Snake Skin0
Tiny Snowball0
Tiny Spider Fangs0
Tiny Torn Clover0
Tiny Turkey Wattle0
Tiny Unicorn Horn0
Titanium Block21
Toasted Crab34
Toasted Spider Legs9
Tome Of Alchemy10
Tome Of Axes10
Tome Of Blacksmithing10
Tome Of Blocking10
Tome Of Blunts10
Tome Of Bows10
Tome Of Carpentry10
Tome Of Cooking10
Tome Of Crossbows10
Tome Of Daggers10
Tome Of Dark10
Tome Of Earth10
Tome Of Fire10
Tome Of Fishing10
Tome Of Foraging10
Tome Of Harvesting10
Tome Of Healing10
Tome Of Holy10
Tome Of Looting10
Tome Of Lumberjacking10
Tome Of Milling10
Tome Of Mining10
Tome Of Planting10
Tome Of Polearms10
Tome Of Smelting10
Tome Of Swords10
Tome Of Tailoring10
Tome Of Wands10
Tome Of Water10
Tome Of Wind10
Torn Lich Robe76
Toxic Blood51
Tree Branch0
Tree Root22
Turtle Meat46
Unlock Account Bank 20
Unlock Account Bank 30
Unlock Account Bank 40
Unlock Account Bestiary Faction0
Unlock Account Bestiary Mob0
Unlock Account Bestiary NPC0
Unlock Account Collections Armor0
Unlock Account Collections Items0
Unlock Account Collections Weapons0
Unlock Account Gold Pickup0
Unlock Account Loot Pickup0
Unlock Action 30
Unlock Action 40
Unlock Action 50
Unlock Action 60
Unlock Action 70
Unlock Action 80
Unlock Action 90
Unlock Backpack Big0
Unlock Backpack Mega0
Unlock Bank 20
Unlock Bank 30
Unlock Bank 40
Unlock Daily 20
Unlock Daily 30
Wyvern Claw84

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