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Wiki: Armors List

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NameLevel Req.Elemental Type
Aquaheart Necklace66Water
Barbarian Belt53None
Barbarian Boots53None
Barbarian Chest56None
Barbarian Cuffs54None
Barbarian Helm55None
Barbarian Legplates55None
Barbarian Shoulder Cuff57None
Bone Necklace22Dark
Boneward Necklace66Dark
Bronze Barbute68None
Bronze Belt66None
Bronze Boots69None
Bronze Curiass70None
Bronze Gauntlets67None
Bronze Greaves66None
Bronze Targe71None
Bugged Armor0None
Burnt Belt27Fire
Burnt Boots28Fire
Burnt Buckler29Fire
Cape of the Duke13None
Chainmail Belt7None
Chainmail Coif7None
Chainmail Gauntlets9None
Chainmail Greaves9None
Chainmail Hauberk10None
Chainmail Shield9None
Chainmail Sollerets7None
Chef Hat48None
Cloth Belt8None
Cloth Coat9None
Cloth Covered Shield10None
Cloth Footwraps7None
Cloth Handwraps8None
Cloth Pants7None
Cloth Scarf7None
Cooking Mitts16Fire
Costume Bride0Dark
Costume Convict0Dark
Costume Ghost0Holy
Costume Groom0Dark
Costume Hermit0Holy
Costume Noobian Female0Fire
Costume Noobian Male0Earth
Costume Serpent Red0Dark
Costume Werewolf0Earth
Cursed Guard Belt76None
Cursed Guard Boots77None
Cursed Guard Curiass80None
Cursed Guard Gloves78None
Cursed Guard Helm77None
Cursed Guard Pants78None
Cursed Guard Shield79None
Dark Belt61Dark
Dark Boots66Dark
Dark Chest62Dark
Dark Gloves61Dark
Dark Helm60Dark
Dark Mist Helm98Water
Dark Mist Wrap99Wind
Dark Pants64Dark
Dark Shield66Dark
Decorative Shield3None
Dim Belt27Dark
Dim Boots28Dark
Dim Buckler29Dark
Divine Belt27Holy
Divine Boots28Holy
Divine Buckler29Holy
Dragon Scale Chestplate70None
Dragon Scale Cuisses68None
Dragon Scale Faulds65None
Dragon Scale Gloves69None
Dragon Scale Helmet66None
Dragon Scale Schynbalds67None
Dragon Scale Shield71None
Earth Belt65Earth
Earth Boots60Earth
Earth Chest63Earth
Earth Gloves60Earth
Earth Helm62Earth
Earth Pants63Earth
Earth Shield66Earth
Ethereal Beltpack88Earth
Ethereal Boots86Fire
Ethereal Gloves88Wind
Ethereal Helm91Earth
Ethereal Pants86Dark
Ethereal Robe90Holy
Ethereal Wristguard89Water
Evil Helm16Dark
Farmers Hat17None
Fire Belt64Fire
Fire Boots65Fire
Fire Chest60Fire
Fire Gloves63Fire
Fire Helm64Fire
Fire Pants61Fire
Fire Shield60Fire
Gale Belt27Wind
Gale Boots28Wind
Gale Buckler29Wind
Gold Belt86None
Gold Boots89None
Gold Capped Pants86None
Gold Chestplate90None
Gold Gauntlets87None
Gold Helm88None
Gold Necklace35None
Gold Necklace Amethyst50None
Gold Necklace Aquamarine42None
Gold Necklace Diamond65None
Gold Necklace Pearl46None
Gold Necklace Peridot58None
Gold Necklace Ruby62None
Gold Necklace Topaz54None
Gold Oval Shield91None
Gold Ring35None
Gold Ring Amethyst50Dark
Gold Ring Aquamarine42Water
Gold Ring Diamond65Holy
Gold Ring Pearl46Holy
Gold Ring Peridot58Wind
Gold Ring Ruby62Fire
Gold Ring Topaz54Earth
Gustbreaker Necklace66Wind
Hand Torch5None
Holiday Halo10Holy
Holiday Horns10Dark
Holiday Santa Hat10Wind
Holy Belt61Holy
Holy Boots65Holy
Holy Chest65Holy
Holy Gloves61Holy
Holy Helm63Holy
Holy Pants63Holy
Holy Shield60Holy
Infernoblaze Necklace66Fire
Iron Belt37None
Iron Chausses36None
Iron Cuirass42None
Iron Gauntlets39None
Iron Helm39None
Iron Kite Shield40None
Iron Sollerets36None
Journeyman Belt35Earth
Journeyman Boots35Fire
Journeyman Bracers39Dark
Journeyman Gloves36Water
Journeyman Hood37Wind
Journeyman Scarf40Earth
Journeyman Slacks36Wind
Journeyman Vestment38Holy
Kite Shield49None
Leather Belt24None
Leather Boots21None
Leather Brigandine24None
Leather Cap22None
Leather Gloves22None
Leather Leggings20None
Leather Shield25None
Linen Beltpack24Fire
Linen Cuff23Dark
Linen Gloves22Fire
Linen Hood20Dark
Linen Hosen25Fire
Linen Shirt22Dark
Linen Slippers25Fire
Mud Belt27Earth
Mud Boots28Earth
Mud Buckler29Earth
Mystic Belt68Earth
Mystic Boots66Fire
Mystic Cuff69Water
Mystic Gloves68Wind
Mystic Robe70Holy
Mystic Skirt66Dark
Mystic Tiara71Earth
Obsidian Mage Belt92Earth
Obsidian Mage Boots91Fire
Obsidian Mage Chest94Holy
Obsidian Mage Gauntlets92Water
Obsidian Mage Helm93Wind
Obsidian Mage Legs93Water
Obsidian Mage Pendant93None
Obsidian Mage Ring92None
Obsidian Mage Shield95Dark
Obsidian Ranger Blocker95None
Obsidian Ranger Chest94None
Obsidian Ranger Faceplate93None
Obsidian Ranger Gauntlets92None
Obsidian Ranger Girdle92None
Obsidian Ranger Greaves93None
Obsidian Ranger Pendant93None
Obsidian Ranger Plateboots91None
Obsidian Ranger Ring92None
Obsidian Warrior Belt91None
Obsidian Warrior Boots92None
Obsidian Warrior Chest95None
Obsidian Warrior Gauntlets93None
Obsidian Warrior Helmet92None
Obsidian Warrior Pants93None
Obsidian Warrior Pendant93None
Obsidian Warrior Ring92None
Obsidian Warrior Shield94None
Pet Bald Eagle35Holy
Pet Bat10Dark
Pet Cat Gray63Wind
Pet Cat Spotted67None
Pet Cat White65Earth
Pet Clover24Earth
Pet Dog Brown70None
Pet Dog Bulldog Brown83Earth
Pet Dog Bulldog Gray80Water
Pet Dog Corgi100Holy
Pet Dog Lab Black73Fire
Pet Dog Lab Spotted77None
Pet Dog Lab Yellow75Holy
Pet Dog Terrier Brown89None
Pet Dog Terrier Tan86Dark
Pet Dog Terrier White98Wind
Pet Dragon Green52Fire
Pet Dragon Red96Fire
Pet Egg Blue19Water
Pet Fox Brown59Dark
Pet Fox Gray60None
Pet Fox Tan62Holy
Pet Fox White57Water
Pet Hamster55None
Pet Heart21Fire
Pet Lizard32Earth
Pet Monkey Blue41Water
Pet Monkey Brown20Earth
Pet Pig Black47Holy
Pet Pig Pink50None
Pet Pumpkin Angry30None
Pet Rabbit44Earth
Pet Slime Blue68Water
Pet Slime Green46Dark
Pet Snake Blue7Holy
Pet Snake Coral4Holy
Pet Snake Green3None
Pet Snowman22Water
Pet Spider13Dark
Pet Turkey19Earth
Pet Unicorn70Wind
Pirate Belt33None
Pirate Boots33None
Pirate Cuff34None
Pirate Hat35None
Pirate Hook37None
Pirate Shirt36None
Pirate Slops35None
Platinum Necklace56None
Platinum Necklace Amethyst73None
Platinum Necklace Aquamarine63None
Platinum Necklace Diamond90None
Platinum Necklace Pearl68None
Platinum Necklace Peridot83None
Platinum Necklace Ruby88None
Platinum Necklace Topaz78None
Platinum Ring56None
Platinum Ring Amethyst73Dark
Platinum Ring Aquamarine63Water
Platinum Ring Diamond90Water
Platinum Ring Pearl68Holy
Platinum Ring Peridot83Wind
Platinum Ring Ruby88Fire
Platinum Ring Topaz78Earth
Reverencer Belt38Dark
Reverencer Boots43Earth
Reverencer Chest45Dark
Reverencer Cuff42Water
Reverencer Gloves39Holy
Reverencer Hood41Wind
Reverencer Pants40Fire
Ride Deed Camel54Wind
Ride Deed Donkey Brown12Earth
Ride Deed Donkey Gray58Wind
Ride Deed Dragon Green94Fire
Ride Deed Elephant Royal81Holy
Ride Deed Horse Armored47None
Ride Deed Horse Black36Fire
Ride Deed Horse Brown25None
Ride Deed Horse Royal63Holy
Ride Deed Ostrich76None
Ride Deed Panther72Wind
Ride Deed Unicorn90None
Robe Breeches7Wind
Robe Cloak10Earth
Robe Cuff9Wind
Robe Gloves9Earth
Robe Headband7Wind
Robe Sandles9Earth
Robe Satchel7Wind
Rootwart Necklace66Earth
Round Wood Shield2None
Serpent Belt13None
Serpent Boots13None
Serpent Mask13None
Serpent Mitts13None
Serpent Pants13None
Serpent Shield14None
Serpent Torso14None
Ship Deed Pirate Ship32Water
Ship Deed Rowboat13Fire
Ship Deed Sailboat20Wind
Ship Deed Steamboat53Holy
Ship Deed Viking Ship46Wind
Silk Belt37Holy
Silk Boots36Water
Silk Cuff42Holy
Silk Gloves38Water
Silk Hood39Holy
Silk Pants40Water
Silk Robe41Holy
Silver Necklace4None
Silver Necklace Amethyst18None
Silver Necklace Aquamarine12None
Silver Necklace Diamond30None
Silver Necklace Pearl15None
Silver Necklace Peridot24None
Silver Necklace Ruby27None
Silver Necklace Topaz21None
Silver Ring4None
Silver Ring Amethyst18Dark
Silver Ring Aquamarine12Water
Silver Ring Diamond30Water
Silver Ring Pearl15Holy
Silver Ring Peridot24Wind
Silver Ring Ruby27Fire
Silver Ring Topaz21Earth
Smelting Apron15None
Spider Queen Head55Earth
Starburst Necklace66Holy
Steel Belt24None
Steel Cuirass25None
Steel Cuisses22None
Steel Gauntlets20None
Steel Helm25None
Steel Sabatons22None
Steel Targe25None
Studded Leather Belt38None
Studded Leather Boots36None
Studded Leather Brigandine42None
Studded Leather Cap39None
Studded Leather Gloves36None
Studded Leather Leggings37None
Studded Leather Shield40None
Titanium Necklace15None
Titanium Necklace Amethyst27None
Titanium Necklace Aquamarine21None
Titanium Necklace Diamond40None
Titanium Necklace Pearl24None
Titanium Necklace Peridot33None
Titanium Necklace Ruby36None
Titanium Necklace Topaz30None
Titanium Ring15None
Titanium Ring Amethyst27Dark
Titanium Ring Aquamarine21Water
Titanium Ring Diamond40Fire
Titanium Ring Pearl24Holy
Titanium Ring Peridot33Wind
Titanium Ring Ruby36Fire
Titanium Ring Topaz30Earth
Viking Helmet17None
Water Belt60Water
Water Boots60Water
Water Chest60Water
Water Gloves64Water
Water Helm61Water
Water Pants61Water
Water Shield62Water
Werewolf Hide28Earth
Wet Belt27Water
Wet Boots28Water
Wet Buckler29Water
Wind Belt60Wind
Wind Boots63Wind
Wind Chest64Wind
Wind Gloves64Wind
Wind Helm65Wind
Wind Pants63Wind
Wind Shield62Wind
Wyvern White Belt85None
Wyvern White Boots88None
Wyvern White Chest90None
Wyvern White Gloves89None
Wyvern White Helm86None
Wyvern White Pants87None
Wyvern White Shield91None

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