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Wiki: Crafting List

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NameCrafting TypeRecipe DetailsLevel Req.
Snake JuiceAlchemyRecipe: Snake Juice1
Gross GoopAlchemyRecipe: Gross Goop3
Silver Ring AquamarineAlchemyRecipe: Silver Ring Aquamarine5
Silver Necklace AquamarineAlchemyRecipe: Silver Necklace Aquamarine5
Huge LeafAlchemyRecipe: Huge Leaf6
Silver SlabAlchemyRecipe: Silver Slab7
Glass Vial SmallAlchemyRecipe: Glass Vial Small7
Mana Vial SmallAlchemyRecipe: Mana Vial Small8
Health Vial SmallAlchemyRecipe: Health Vial Small8
Silver RingAlchemyRecipe: Silver Ring8
Silver NecklaceAlchemyRecipe: Silver Necklace9
Silver Ring PearlAlchemyRecipe: Silver Ring Pearl9
Silver Necklace PearlAlchemyRecipe: Silver Necklace Pearl9
Titanium Ring AquamarineAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Ring Aquamarine14
Glass Bottle SmallAlchemyRecipe: Glass Bottle Small14
Health Bottle SmallAlchemyRecipe: Health Bottle Small14
Titanium Necklace AquamarineAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Necklace Aquamarine14
Health Bottle SmallAlchemyRecipe: Health Bottle Small15
Mana Bottle SmallAlchemyRecipe: Mana Bottle Small15
Titanium BlockAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Block16
Silver Ring AmethystAlchemyRecipe: Silver Ring Amethyst16
Silver Necklace AmethystAlchemyRecipe: Silver Necklace Amethyst16
Titanium RingAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Ring17
Titanium NecklaceAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Necklace18
Titanium Necklace PearlAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Necklace Pearl18
Titanium Ring PearlAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Ring Pearl18
Glass Beaker SmallAlchemyRecipe: Glass Beaker Small19
Mana Beaker SmallAlchemyRecipe: Mana Beaker Small20
Health Beaker SmallAlchemyRecipe: Health Beaker Small20
Silver Necklace TopazAlchemyRecipe: Silver Necklace Topaz21
Silver Ring TopazAlchemyRecipe: Silver Ring Topaz21
Health Vial MediumAlchemyRecipe: Health Vial Medium23
Titanium Necklace AmethystAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Necklace Amethyst25
Titanium Ring AmethystAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Ring Amethyst25
Gold Ring AquamarineAlchemyRecipe: Gold Ring Aquamarine26
Gold Necklace AquamarineAlchemyRecipe: Gold Necklace Aquamarine26
Glass Vial MediumAlchemyRecipe: Glass Vial Medium26
Silver Ring PeridotAlchemyRecipe: Silver Ring Peridot27
Mana Vial MediumAlchemyRecipe: Mana Vial Medium27
Silver Necklace PeridotAlchemyRecipe: Silver Necklace Peridot27
Health Vial MediumAlchemyRecipe: Health Vial Medium27
Titanium Ring TopazAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Ring Topaz30
Titanium Necklace TopazAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Necklace Topaz30
Rock WandAlchemyRecipe: Rock Wand31
Glass Bottle MediumAlchemyRecipe: Glass Bottle Medium32
Health Bottle MediumAlchemyRecipe: Health Bottle Medium33
Mana Bottle MediumAlchemyRecipe: Mana Bottle Medium33
Gold Necklace PearlAlchemyRecipe: Gold Necklace Pearl34
Silver Ring RubyAlchemyRecipe: Silver Ring Ruby34
Gold Ring PearlAlchemyRecipe: Gold Ring Pearl34
Silver Necklace RubyAlchemyRecipe: Silver Necklace Ruby34
Titanium Ring PeridotAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Ring Peridot36
Titanium Necklace PeridotAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Necklace Peridot36
Gold Ring AmethystAlchemyRecipe: Gold Ring Amethyst36
Gold Necklace AmethystAlchemyRecipe: Gold Necklace Amethyst36
Gold SlabAlchemyRecipe: Gold Slab37
Gold RingAlchemyRecipe: Gold Ring38
Gold Necklace TopazAlchemyRecipe: Gold Necklace Topaz39
Gold NecklaceAlchemyRecipe: Gold Necklace39
Glass Beaker MediumAlchemyRecipe: Glass Beaker Medium39
Silver Ring DiamondAlchemyRecipe: Silver Ring Diamond39
Silver Necklace DiamondAlchemyRecipe: Silver Necklace Diamond39
Gold Ring TopazAlchemyRecipe: Gold Ring Topaz39
Platinum Necklace AquamarineAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Necklace Aquamarine40
Platinum Ring AquamarineAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Ring Aquamarine40
Mana Beaker MediumAlchemyRecipe: Mana Beaker Medium41
Health Beaker MediumAlchemyRecipe: Health Beaker Medium41
Titanium Necklace RubyAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Necklace Ruby43
Titanium Ring RubyAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Ring Ruby43
Gold Necklace PeridotAlchemyRecipe: Gold Necklace Peridot44
Gold Ring PeridotAlchemyRecipe: Gold Ring Peridot44
Titanium Necklace DiamondAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Necklace Diamond45
Platinum Ring PearlAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Ring Pearl45
Glass Vial LargeAlchemyRecipe: Glass Vial Large45
Titanium Ring DiamondAlchemyRecipe: Titanium Ring Diamond45
Platinum Necklace PearlAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Necklace Pearl45
Mana Vial LargeAlchemyRecipe: Mana Vial Large46
Gold Necklace RubyAlchemyRecipe: Gold Necklace Ruby46
Health Vial LargeAlchemyRecipe: Health Vial Large46
Gold Ring RubyAlchemyRecipe: Gold Ring Ruby46
Gold Ring DiamondAlchemyRecipe: Gold Ring Diamond49
Gold Necklace DiamondAlchemyRecipe: Gold Necklace Diamond49
Platinum Ring AmethystAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Ring Amethyst51
Platinum Necklace AmethystAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Necklace Amethyst51
Glass Bottle LargeAlchemyRecipe: Glass Bottle Large52
Mana Bottle LargeAlchemyRecipe: Mana Bottle Large53
Health Bottle LargeAlchemyRecipe: Health Bottle Large53
Platinum Necklace TopazAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Necklace Topaz57
Platinum Ring TopazAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Ring Topaz57
Glass Beaker LargeAlchemyRecipe: Glass Beaker Large58
Platinum PlateAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Plate58
Platinum RingAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Ring59
Mana Beaker LargeAlchemyRecipe: Mana Beaker Large60
Health Beaker LargeAlchemyRecipe: Health Beaker Large60
Platinum NecklaceAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Necklace60
Platinum Necklace PeridotAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Necklace Peridot63
Platinum Ring PeridotAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Ring Peridot63
Infernoblaze NecklaceAlchemyRecipe: Infernoblaze Necklace63
Aquaheart NecklaceAlchemyRecipe: Aquaheart Necklace64
Rootwart NecklaceAlchemyRecipe: Rootwart Necklace65
Boneward NecklaceAlchemyRecipe: Boneward Necklace66
Starburst NecklaceAlchemyRecipe: Starburst Necklace67
Gustbreaker NecklaceAlchemyRecipe: Gustbreaker Necklace68
Platinum Necklace RubyAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Necklace Ruby69
Platinum Ring RubyAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Ring Ruby69
Platinum Ring DiamondAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Ring Diamond77
Platinum Necklace DiamondAlchemyRecipe: Platinum Necklace Diamond77
Potion Tengenite DeathAlchemyRecipe: Potion Tengenite Death78
Axe HeadBlacksmithingRecipe: Axe Head1
Pickaxe HeadBlacksmithingRecipe: Pickaxe Head2
Lead AxeBlacksmithingRecipe: Lead Axe3
Lead DaggerBlacksmithingRecipe: Lead Dagger5
Arrows Of LeadBlacksmithingRecipe: Arrows Of Lead5
Lead Round MaceBlacksmithingRecipe: Lead Round Mace6
Lead SwordBlacksmithingRecipe: Lead Sword6
Chainmail BeltBlacksmithingRecipe: Chainmail Belt6
Bolts Of LeadBlacksmithingRecipe: Bolts Of Lead6
Chainmail CoifBlacksmithingRecipe: Chainmail Coif7
Chainmail GauntletsBlacksmithingRecipe: Chainmail Gauntlets8
Chainmail GreavesBlacksmithingRecipe: Chainmail Greaves9
Chainmail SolleretsBlacksmithingRecipe: Chainmail Sollerets10
Chainmail HauberkBlacksmithingRecipe: Chainmail Hauberk11
Arrows Of SteelBlacksmithingRecipe: Arrows Of Steel14
Steel GauntletsBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Gauntlets16
Bolts Of SteelBlacksmithingRecipe: Bolts Of Steel16
Steel TargeBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Targe17
CrucibleBlacksmithingRecipe: Crucible18
Steel DaggerBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Dagger18
Steel SabatonsBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Sabatons18
Steel CuissesBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Cuisses19
Steel CutlassBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Cutlass19
Steel HelmBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Helm20
Steel BowBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Bow20
Steel BeltBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Belt22
Steel CuirassBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Cuirass24
Steel HammerBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Hammer25
Pouch Of Luck SmallBlacksmithingRecipe: Pouch Of Luck Small26
Arrows Of IronBlacksmithingRecipe: Arrows Of Iron26
Steel PickaxeBlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Pickaxe27
Iron SwordBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Sword28
Bolts Of IronBlacksmithingRecipe: Bolts Of Iron28
Iron BowBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Bow30
Iron DirkBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Dirk31
Aquaric BladeBlacksmithingRecipe: Aquaric Blade31
Iron ChiselBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Chisel32
Iron CuirassBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Cuirass33
Vortex DrinkBlacksmithingRecipe: Vortex Drink34
Iron SolleretsBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Sollerets34
Gold RingBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Ring34
Iron ChaussesBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Chausses35
Sewing Needle IronBlacksmithingRecipe: Sewing Needle Iron35
Gold NecklaceBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Necklace36
Iron BeltBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Belt36
Iron HelmBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Helm38
Iron Kite ShieldBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Kite Shield39
Iron GauntletsBlacksmithingRecipe: Iron Gauntlets40
Pouch Of Luck MediumBlacksmithingRecipe: Pouch Of Luck Medium46
Arrows Of BronzeBlacksmithingRecipe: Arrows Of Bronze48
Bolts Of BronzeBlacksmithingRecipe: Bolts Of Bronze51
Sewing Needle BronzeBlacksmithingRecipe: Sewing Needle Bronze53
Bronze DaggerBlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Dagger54
Bronze BeltBlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Belt62
Bronze GreavesBlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Greaves62
Bronze GauntletsBlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Gauntlets64
Bronze BarbuteBlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Barbute65
Bronze BootsBlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Boots67
Bronze CuriassBlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Curiass71
Bronze TargeBlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Targe72
Pouch Of Luck LargeBlacksmithingRecipe: Pouch Of Luck Large73
Gold Capped PantsBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Capped Pants82
Gold BeltBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Belt82
Gold GauntletsBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Gauntlets84
Gold HammerBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Hammer84
Gold DaggerBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Dagger85
Gold HelmBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Helm85
Gold SwordBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Sword86
Gold BootsBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Boots87
Gold SkullhammerBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Skullhammer88
Gold CrossbowBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Crossbow89
Gold ChestplateBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Chestplate91
Wyvern SwordBlacksmithingRecipe: Wyvern Sword92
Gold Oval ShieldBlacksmithingRecipe: Gold Oval Shield92
Bolts Of PineCarpentryRecipe: Bolts Of Pine1
Arrows Of PineCarpentryRecipe: Arrows Of Pine1
Practice SwordCarpentryRecipe: Practice Sword1
Splintered PoleCarpentryRecipe: Splintered Pole1
ShovelCarpentryRecipe: Shovel1
Weak BowCarpentryRecipe: Weak Bow1
Round Wood ShieldCarpentryRecipe: Round Wood Shield2
Wooden ClubCarpentryRecipe: Wooden Club2
PickaxeCarpentryRecipe: Pickaxe3
Hand AxeCarpentryRecipe: Hand Axe3
Lead PikeCarpentryRecipe: Lead Pike4
Wood BludgeonCarpentryRecipe: Wood Bludgeon4
HammerCarpentryRecipe: Hammer4
Pine StaffCarpentryRecipe: Pine Staff4
Hand TorchCarpentryRecipe: Hand Torch5
Arrows Of MapleCarpentryRecipe: Arrows Of Maple5
Fishing PoleCarpentryRecipe: Fishing Pole5
HoeCarpentryRecipe: Hoe5
Carpentry ToolsCarpentryRecipe: Carpentry Tools6
Bolts Of MapleCarpentryRecipe: Bolts Of Maple6
Wooden BowCarpentryRecipe: Wooden Bow6
Basket SmallCarpentryRecipe: Basket Small6
Wooden WandCarpentryRecipe: Wooden Wand7
Wooden CrossbowCarpentryRecipe: Wooden Crossbow8
Chainmail ShieldCarpentryRecipe: Chainmail Shield8
Arrows Of BirchCarpentryRecipe: Arrows Of Birch12
Bolts Of BirchCarpentryRecipe: Bolts Of Birch13
Bow SawCarpentryRecipe: Bow Saw15
Ship Deed RowboatCarpentryRecipe: Ship Deed Rowboat15
Steel CrossbowCarpentryRecipe: Steel Crossbow16
Basket LargeCarpentryRecipe: Basket Large17
Steel SpearCarpentryRecipe: Steel Spear17
Draw KnifeCarpentryRecipe: Draw Knife17
Steel AxeCarpentryRecipe: Steel Axe18
Steel BardicheCarpentryRecipe: Steel Bardiche19
Steel WandCarpentryRecipe: Steel Wand20
Steel ClubCarpentryRecipe: Steel Club21
Ship Deed SailboatCarpentryRecipe: Ship Deed Sailboat22
Arrows Of MahoganyCarpentryRecipe: Arrows Of Mahogany24
Bolts Of MahoganyCarpentryRecipe: Bolts Of Mahogany25
Hand SawCarpentryRecipe: Hand Saw26
Birch WandCarpentryRecipe: Birch Wand28
Iron Spiked ClubCarpentryRecipe: Iron Spiked Club32
Iron Morning StarCarpentryRecipe: Iron Morning Star33
Iron AxeCarpentryRecipe: Iron Axe33
Strong HandleCarpentryRecipe: Strong Handle33
Sturdy PoleCarpentryRecipe: Sturdy Pole34
Ship Deed Pirate ShipCarpentryRecipe: Ship Deed Pirate Ship34
Breezen AxeCarpentryRecipe: Breezen Axe36
Mahogany WandCarpentryRecipe: Mahogany Wand40
BallistaCarpentryRecipe: Ballista41
Arrows Of BloodwoodCarpentryRecipe: Arrows Of Bloodwood45
Bolts Of BloodwoodCarpentryRecipe: Bolts Of Bloodwood46
Long BowCarpentryRecipe: Long Bow48
Ship Deed Viking ShipCarpentryRecipe: Ship Deed Viking Ship48
Bronze GlaiveCarpentryRecipe: Bronze Glaive50
Blood CrossbowCarpentryRecipe: Blood Crossbow54
Ship Deed SteamboatCarpentryRecipe: Ship Deed Steamboat55
Blood BladeCarpentryRecipe: Blood Blade56
Bronze MaceCarpentryRecipe: Bronze Mace57
Bronze StaffCarpentryRecipe: Bronze Staff58
Bronze AxeCarpentryRecipe: Bronze Axe60
Dragon Scale FauldsCarpentryRecipe: Dragon Scale Faulds61
Dragon Scale HelmetCarpentryRecipe: Dragon Scale Helmet62
Dragon Scale SchynbaldsCarpentryRecipe: Dragon Scale Schynbalds63
Dragon Scale CuissesCarpentryRecipe: Dragon Scale Cuisses64
Dragon Scale GlovesCarpentryRecipe: Dragon Scale Gloves65
Dragon Scale ChestplateCarpentryRecipe: Dragon Scale Chestplate66
Dragon Scale ShieldCarpentryRecipe: Dragon Scale Shield67
Blood ScepterCarpentryRecipe: Blood Scepter74
Burnt StaffCarpentryRecipe: Burnt Staff79
Wyvern White HelmCarpentryRecipe: Wyvern White Helm82
Wyvern White BeltCarpentryRecipe: Wyvern White Belt82
Wyvern White PantsCarpentryRecipe: Wyvern White Pants83
Wyvern White BootsCarpentryRecipe: Wyvern White Boots84
Gold Battle AxeCarpentryRecipe: Gold Battle Axe85
Wyvern White GlovesCarpentryRecipe: Wyvern White Gloves86
Wyvern XbowCarpentryRecipe: Wyvern Xbow89
Wyvern White ShieldCarpentryRecipe: Wyvern White Shield89
Wyvern Feather BowCarpentryRecipe: Wyvern Feather Bow90
Wyvern White ChestCarpentryRecipe: Wyvern White Chest90
Wyvern DaggerCarpentryRecipe: Wyvern Dagger91
Charred Bat WingCookingRecipe: Charred Bat Wing1
Cooked SardineCookingRecipe: Cooked Sardine1
Crispy Frog LegCookingRecipe: Crispy Frog Leg6
Toasted Spider LegsCookingRecipe: Toasted Spider Legs10
Roasted AnchovyCookingRecipe: Roasted Anchovy11
Cooked StingrayCookingRecipe: Cooked Stingray16
Cooked TambaquiCookingRecipe: Cooked Tambaqui23
Toasted CrabCookingRecipe: Toasted Crab32
Grilled SalmonCookingRecipe: Grilled Salmon41
Cooked TurtleCookingRecipe: Cooked Turtle44
Grilled TunaCookingRecipe: Grilled Tuna60
TunicTailoringRecipe: Tunic1
Cloth BeltTailoringRecipe: Cloth Belt3
Robe CuffTailoringRecipe: Robe Cuff3
Cloth FootwrapsTailoringRecipe: Cloth Footwraps4
Robe GlovesTailoringRecipe: Robe Gloves4
Robe HeadbandTailoringRecipe: Robe Headband5
Cloth ScarfTailoringRecipe: Cloth Scarf5
Robe SandlesTailoringRecipe: Robe Sandles6
Cloth HandwrapsTailoringRecipe: Cloth Handwraps6
Robe SatchelTailoringRecipe: Robe Satchel7
Cloth CoatTailoringRecipe: Cloth Coat7
Robe BreechesTailoringRecipe: Robe Breeches8
Cloth PantsTailoringRecipe: Cloth Pants8
Cloth Covered ShieldTailoringRecipe: Cloth Covered Shield9
Robe CloakTailoringRecipe: Robe Cloak9
Cooking MittsTailoringRecipe: Cooking Mitts14
Leather LeggingsTailoringRecipe: Leather Leggings15
Smelting ApronTailoringRecipe: Smelting Apron16
Leather BootsTailoringRecipe: Leather Boots16
Leather GlovesTailoringRecipe: Leather Gloves17
Leather CapTailoringRecipe: Leather Cap18
Leather BeltTailoringRecipe: Leather Belt19
Farmers HatTailoringRecipe: Farmers Hat19
Linen HoodTailoringRecipe: Linen Hood19
Leather BrigandineTailoringRecipe: Leather Brigandine20
Linen ShirtTailoringRecipe: Linen Shirt21
Linen GlovesTailoringRecipe: Linen Gloves21
Leather ShieldTailoringRecipe: Leather Shield21
Linen CuffTailoringRecipe: Linen Cuff22
Linen BeltpackTailoringRecipe: Linen Beltpack23
Journeyman BeltTailoringRecipe: Journeyman Belt24
Linen HosenTailoringRecipe: Linen Hosen24
Linen SlippersTailoringRecipe: Linen Slippers24
Journeyman BootsTailoringRecipe: Journeyman Boots24
Journeyman GlovesTailoringRecipe: Journeyman Gloves25
Journeyman SlacksTailoringRecipe: Journeyman Slacks26
Pouch Of Nothing SmallTailoringRecipe: Pouch Of Nothing Small26
Journeyman HoodTailoringRecipe: Journeyman Hood27
Journeyman VestmentTailoringRecipe: Journeyman Vestment28
Journeyman BracersTailoringRecipe: Journeyman Bracers29
Journeyman ScarfTailoringRecipe: Journeyman Scarf30
Silk BootsTailoringRecipe: Silk Boots34
Studded Leather BootsTailoringRecipe: Studded Leather Boots35
Studded Leather GlovesTailoringRecipe: Studded Leather Gloves35
Silk BeltTailoringRecipe: Silk Belt35
Silk GlovesTailoringRecipe: Silk Gloves36
Studded Leather LeggingsTailoringRecipe: Studded Leather Leggings36
Silk HoodTailoringRecipe: Silk Hood37
Studded Leather BeltTailoringRecipe: Studded Leather Belt37
Studded Leather CapTailoringRecipe: Studded Leather Cap38
Silk PantsTailoringRecipe: Silk Pants38
Silk RobeTailoringRecipe: Silk Robe39
Studded Leather ShieldTailoringRecipe: Studded Leather Shield39
Silk CuffTailoringRecipe: Silk Cuff40
Studded Leather BrigandineTailoringRecipe: Studded Leather Brigandine41
Pouch Of Nothing MediumTailoringRecipe: Pouch Of Nothing Medium46
Reverencer BeltTailoringRecipe: Reverencer Belt47
Reverencer GlovesTailoringRecipe: Reverencer Gloves48
Reverencer PantsTailoringRecipe: Reverencer Pants49
Chef HatTailoringRecipe: Chef Hat50
Reverencer HoodTailoringRecipe: Reverencer Hood50
Reverencer CuffTailoringRecipe: Reverencer Cuff52
Reverencer BootsTailoringRecipe: Reverencer Boots54
Reverencer ChestTailoringRecipe: Reverencer Chest56
Mystic BootsTailoringRecipe: Mystic Boots60
Mystic SkirtTailoringRecipe: Mystic Skirt60
Mystic BeltTailoringRecipe: Mystic Belt62
Mystic GlovesTailoringRecipe: Mystic Gloves62
Mystic CuffTailoringRecipe: Mystic Cuff63
Mystic RobeTailoringRecipe: Mystic Robe64
Mystic TiaraTailoringRecipe: Mystic Tiara66
Pouch Of Nothing LargeTailoringRecipe: Pouch Of Nothing Large73
Ethereal BootsTailoringRecipe: Ethereal Boots80
Ethereal PantsTailoringRecipe: Ethereal Pants80
Ethereal GlovesTailoringRecipe: Ethereal Gloves82
Ethereal BeltpackTailoringRecipe: Ethereal Beltpack82
Ethereal SpearTailoringRecipe: Ethereal Spear87
Ethereal HelmTailoringRecipe: Ethereal Helm87
Ethereal WristguardTailoringRecipe: Ethereal Wristguard88
Ethereal WandTailoringRecipe: Ethereal Wand90
Ethereal RobeTailoringRecipe: Ethereal Robe91

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