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Wiki: Players: DaGreatCornholio

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Age:2022-09-20 04:02:38 UTC


Helm:+1 (Rare) Journeyman Hood
Chest:Pirate Shirt
Gloves:Studded Leather Gloves
Pants:Studded Leather Leggings
Boots:Journeyman Boots
Ring 1:-
Ring 2:Silver Ring Aquamarine
Belt:Burnt Belt
Left Hand:(195) Arrows Of Birch
Right Hand:+1 (Uber) Long Bow
Costume:Costume Serpent Red


Name:Gods Of Despair

Wiki Unlocks:


Monster Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Pirate Captainelemental_hit_min2022-09-29 00:20:54 UTC
Dragon Greenstrength2022-10-01 00:53:33 UTC
Djinndexterity2022-10-11 19:25:53 UTC

NPC Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Resource Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Item Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Chest Of Armor Tinyconstitution_requirement2022-09-21 02:43:39 UTC
Arrows Of Leaddamage_increase_percent2022-09-25 20:08:57 UTC
Arrows Of Leadrarity2022-09-26 02:10:40 UTC
Arrows Of Mapledamage_increase_percent2022-09-27 20:00:54 UTC
Arrows Of Mapleskill_increase2022-09-27 21:03:32 UTC
Mana Beaker Smallslot2022-09-27 22:09:33 UTC
Mana Beaker Smallintelligence_requirement2022-09-27 22:12:56 UTC
Mana Beaker Smallskill_requirement2022-09-27 22:26:04 UTC
Mana Beaker SmallMonster: Giant Bee2022-09-27 23:03:43 UTC
Seeds Of Lily PinkResource: Holly Bush2022-09-27 23:08:26 UTC
Arrows Of Maplestrength_increase2022-09-28 01:03:31 UTC
Arrows Of Mapleintelligence_increase2022-09-28 02:27:08 UTC
Letter Piecedescription2022-09-29 04:59:04 UTC
Lavender Bunchdexterity_requirement2022-09-29 16:59:01 UTC
Arrows Of Birchdexterity_requirement2022-09-29 17:53:13 UTC
Arrows Of Birchstrength_increase2022-09-29 17:53:55 UTC
Arrows Of Birchluck_increase_percent2022-10-01 04:20:22 UTC
Tome Of Millingskill_requirement2022-10-02 06:14:06 UTC
Arrows Of Birchconstitution_increase2022-10-02 08:41:01 UTC
Arrows Of Birchskill_type2022-10-02 08:42:30 UTC
Arrows Of Birchduration2022-10-02 19:43:48 UTC
Arrows Of Birchstrength_requirement2022-10-03 23:37:41 UTC
Arrows Of Birchmana_increase2022-10-05 00:20:19 UTC
Bananasmana_increase2022-10-05 00:58:25 UTC
Scroll Of Healweight2022-10-05 01:35:00 UTC
Dragon Scalesskill_requirement2022-10-09 00:01:16 UTC
Arrows Of Mahoganyskill_increase2022-10-11 22:58:24 UTC
Sextantdexterity_requirement2024-01-14 23:17:26 UTC

Armor Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Robe Breechesintelligence_requirement2022-09-26 04:16:20 UTC
Robe Cuffconstitution_requirement2022-09-26 04:17:20 UTC
Silk Beltarmor2022-10-01 00:43:16 UTC

Weapon Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Lead Daggerhit_max2022-09-25 03:00:38 UTC

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