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Wiki: Players: Labook

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Age:2021-10-07 11:44:46 UTC


Helm:+2 (Uber) Studded Leather Cap
Chest:(Uber) Studded Leather Brigandine
Gloves:+3 (Rare) Studded Leather Gloves
Pants:+3 (Uncommon) Studded Leather Leggings
Boots:+3 Studded Leather Boots
Necklace:+3 Titanium Necklace Diamond
Ring 1:+3 Titanium Ring Diamond
Ring 2:+3 Titanium Ring Diamond
Belt:+3 (Uncommon) Studded Leather Belt
Left Hand:+3 Studded Leather Shield
Right Hand:+3 Vortex Drink
Costume:+1 Costume Werewolf
Mount:Ship Deed Rowboat
Pet:(Uncommon) Pet Snowman



Wiki Unlocks:


Monster Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
WolfArmor: Gale Buckler2022-03-06 02:19:52 UTC
ShadeArmor: Leather Belt2022-05-12 23:07:11 UTC
Sharkarmor2022-05-17 04:51:25 UTC
PirateArmor: Divine Boots2022-05-25 02:17:23 UTC
Pirate Captainhit_min2022-06-02 04:58:07 UTC
Pirate Captainblocked_water2022-06-05 06:12:22 UTC
Pirate CaptainArmor: Mud Belt2022-08-04 06:21:26 UTC
GiantArmor: Mud Buckler2022-09-05 07:33:09 UTC

NPC Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Resource Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Item Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Scroll Of BlessMonster: Bat2022-01-07 23:32:45 UTC
Cooked Stingrayconstitution_increase2022-01-18 04:44:44 UTC
Arrows Of Steelelemental_damage_increase_percent2022-01-18 05:45:36 UTC
Cooked Stingrayrarity2022-01-24 07:17:48 UTC
Scroll Of Poisonweight2022-01-25 02:40:52 UTC
Seeds Of Rose Whiterarity2022-03-06 07:35:52 UTC
Health Bottle Smallconstitution_increase2022-03-06 07:50:56 UTC
Leather BoltResource: Burrow Mound2022-03-07 05:27:33 UTC
Studded Leather BoltResource: Burrow Mound2022-03-14 04:06:58 UTC
Chumdexterity_increase2022-03-31 21:58:40 UTC
Mana Vial Smallskill_increase2022-05-12 23:07:52 UTC
Seeds Of Rose WhiteMonster: Pirate Wench2022-05-17 04:51:59 UTC
Chumduration2022-05-17 04:55:33 UTC
Seeds Of Rose WhiteResource: Spider Web2022-05-23 22:13:46 UTC
Leather Boltsell_price2022-05-25 02:27:22 UTC
Leather BoltMonster: Bear2022-05-26 10:01:39 UTC
Seeds Of Rose Whitesell_price2022-06-03 09:15:13 UTC
Leather BoltMonster: Swamp Muck2022-07-30 02:42:57 UTC
Leather Boltrarity2022-07-31 23:01:06 UTC
Mana Beaker Smallconstitution_requirement2022-09-11 05:16:43 UTC
Scroll Of SootheMonster: Lizard2022-10-26 23:19:50 UTC
Box Of Tomesrarity2024-03-09 18:38:47 UTC
Tree Rootslot2024-03-28 16:24:53 UTC
Honeycombdaily_gift2024-04-29 19:32:10 UTC
Chest Of Weapons SmallMonster: Cyclops Grim2024-04-29 19:34:49 UTC
Pouch Of Mist Smalldaily_gift2024-05-14 21:36:57 UTC
Spore Dustdaily_gift2024-05-17 23:20:16 UTC

Armor Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Cloth Pantsdexterity_requirement2021-10-11 20:27:52 UTC
Serpent ShieldMonster: Snake King2022-01-09 02:26:59 UTC
Viking Helmetelemental_armor2022-01-25 01:58:04 UTC
Cloth Handwrapsconstitution_requirement2022-02-11 05:54:09 UTC
Pirate Cuffweight2022-03-08 07:01:00 UTC
Pirate Slopsintelligence_requirement2022-03-09 06:06:26 UTC
Pirate Slopsenchanted_cost2022-03-10 05:21:49 UTC
Pirate Shirtsell_price2022-05-24 05:49:57 UTC
Pirate Beltstrength_requirement2022-07-19 19:52:51 UTC
Pirate Shirtweight2022-07-29 02:45:05 UTC

Weapon Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Steel Cutlassstrength_requirement2022-08-07 04:12:49 UTC

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