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Wiki: Players: Lotus

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Age:2020-07-06 22:31:41 UTC


Helm:Pirate Hat
Chest:Pirate Shirt
Gloves:Pirate Cuff
Pants:Pirate Slops
Boots:Pirate Boots
Necklace:Silver Necklace Diamond
Ring 1:Titanium Ring Amethyst
Ring 2:Titanium Ring Amethyst
Belt:Pirate Belt
Left Hand:Pirate Hook
Right Hand:Bronze Glaive



Wiki Unlocks:


Monster Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Deathintelligence2020-07-08 02:19:04 UTC
ShadeItem: Bolts Of Lead2020-07-08 04:07:08 UTC
Snake Kingelemental_hit_max2020-07-08 07:12:09 UTC
Vampireelemental_hit_min2020-07-09 05:52:25 UTC
Vampireconstitution2020-07-09 05:53:36 UTC
VampireItem: Shard Of Undead2020-07-09 06:47:48 UTC

NPC Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Resource Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Item Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Spider Legsslot2020-07-07 00:01:54 UTC
Spider Legsdescription2020-07-07 00:08:37 UTC
Arrows Of Birchweight2020-07-07 15:09:53 UTC
Spider LegsMonster: Spider2020-07-07 15:26:08 UTC
Spider Legsweight2020-07-07 15:44:07 UTC
Spider Legssell_price2020-07-07 21:01:02 UTC
Cockroach Legweight2020-07-07 23:52:26 UTC
Shard Of FiendsMonster: Death2020-07-08 04:05:16 UTC
Mana Vial Smallelemental_armor_increase2020-07-08 04:18:07 UTC
Pouch Of Mist Smallslot2020-07-08 04:51:16 UTC
Spider Legsdexterity_requirement2020-07-08 06:33:18 UTC
Mana Vial Smallconstitution_requirement2020-07-08 18:34:01 UTC
Arrows Of Ironskill_type2020-07-09 22:18:47 UTC
Arrows Of Irondexterity_requirement2020-07-10 01:00:32 UTC
Health Vial Mediumrarity2020-07-10 03:01:44 UTC
Health Vial Mediumweight2020-07-10 03:12:59 UTC
Arrows Of Irongold_increase_percent2020-07-10 04:14:09 UTC
Health Vial Mediumarmor_increase2020-07-10 04:30:53 UTC
Arrows Of Ironstrength_increase2020-07-10 06:13:55 UTC
Health Vial Mediumstrength_increase2020-07-10 06:14:50 UTC
Arrows Of Ironweight2020-07-10 07:02:55 UTC
Arrows Of Irondamage_increase_percent2020-07-10 07:12:02 UTC
Studded Leather Boltintelligence_requirement2020-07-10 07:27:05 UTC
Arrows Of Ironslot2020-07-10 08:07:25 UTC
Studded Leather Boltstrength_requirement2020-07-10 08:11:47 UTC
Arrows Of Ironintelligence_increase2020-07-10 08:17:14 UTC
Health Vial Mediumslot2020-07-10 08:33:52 UTC
Arrows Of Ironduration2020-07-10 14:46:00 UTC
Health Vial Mediumluck_increase_percent2020-07-10 17:29:00 UTC
Health Vial Mediumskill_increase2020-07-10 17:48:18 UTC
Health Vial Mediumconstitution_requirement2020-07-10 18:02:48 UTC
Health Vial Mediumduration2020-07-10 18:13:17 UTC
Health Vial Mediumsell_price2020-07-10 18:21:34 UTC
Applesintelligence_increase2020-07-10 19:09:54 UTC
Arrows Of Ironluck_increase_percent2020-07-10 20:00:49 UTC
Health Vial Mediumhealth_increase2020-07-10 20:01:56 UTC
Health Vial Mediumintelligence_increase2020-07-10 20:07:23 UTC
Arrows Of Ironskill_increase2020-07-10 20:36:54 UTC
Health Vial Mediumskill_requirement2020-07-10 22:49:48 UTC
Health Vial Mediumdamage_increase_percent2020-07-10 23:18:43 UTC
Health Vial Mediumdexterity_increase2020-07-11 03:52:12 UTC
Applesskill_requirement2020-07-11 04:02:50 UTC
Applesweight2020-07-11 04:25:35 UTC
Applesskill_requirement_type2020-07-11 04:46:58 UTC
Applesintelligence_requirement2020-07-11 05:09:15 UTC
Bird ClawMonster: Harpy2020-07-12 06:58:59 UTC
Studded Leather Boltconstitution_requirement2020-07-13 15:56:21 UTC
Studded Leather Boltskill_requirement2020-07-13 17:39:19 UTC
Studded Leather Boltdescription2020-07-13 21:14:04 UTC
Applesdexterity_increase2020-07-15 06:31:16 UTC
Studded Leather Boltdexterity_requirement2020-07-15 07:43:26 UTC
ApplesMonster: Harpy2020-07-15 08:11:53 UTC
Appleselemental_damage_increase_percent2020-07-15 08:53:46 UTC
Applesconstitution_increase2020-07-15 09:19:17 UTC
Studded Leather Boltweight2020-07-15 09:41:51 UTC
Studded Leather BoltMonster: Wolf2020-07-15 11:14:25 UTC
Studded Leather BoltMonster: Swamp Muck2020-07-15 11:40:50 UTC
Applesduration2020-07-15 12:09:34 UTC

Armor Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Weapon Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Wooden Wandhit_max2020-07-06 23:52:43 UTC
Old Sycthestrength_requirement2020-07-08 04:47:37 UTC
Wet Sprigstrength_requirement2020-07-12 01:05:03 UTC
Gale Bowskill_requirement2020-07-15 22:55:04 UTC

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