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Wiki: Players: Narsa

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Age:2022-11-03 02:54:24 UTC


Helm:+3 (Legendary) Silk Hood
Chest:Silk Robe
Gloves:+1 (Legendary) Silk Gloves
Pants:+1 (Uncommon) Silk Pants
Boots:Silk Boots
Necklace:+1 Silver Necklace Diamond
Ring 1:Titanium Ring Pearl
Ring 2:Titanium Ring Pearl
Belt:(Uber) Silk Belt
Left Hand:+3 (Uncommon) Silk Cuff
Right Hand:Journeyman Staff
Pet:+2 Pet Slime Green



Wiki Unlocks:


Monster Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Snake KingArmor: Serpent Pants2023-04-28 02:56:05 UTC
FlameArmor: Infernoblaze Necklace2023-05-14 16:12:05 UTC
Water BugsWeapon: Thick Sword2023-05-14 16:15:07 UTC
Frozen HawkArmor: Chef Hat2023-05-27 00:58:19 UTC
Frozen Hawkmovement_speed2023-05-28 13:58:27 UTC
Swamp MuckItem: Green Slime2023-06-04 16:38:22 UTC
Swamp MuckItem: Arrows Of Mahogany2023-06-05 01:16:50 UTC
Frozen HawkItem: Burnt Ash2023-06-07 00:56:43 UTC

NPC Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Resource Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Soil H.action_length2023-05-15 14:22:09 UTC
Burrow Moundskill_requirement2023-05-31 17:13:11 UTC

Item Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Scroll Of Blessintelligence_requirement2022-11-02 23:50:12 UTC
Snake Juicedexterity_increase2023-04-09 00:54:52 UTC
Snake Juiceduration2023-04-09 17:35:56 UTC
Bread Loavesintelligence_increase2023-04-09 20:29:20 UTC
Snake Juiceelemental_damage_increase_percent2023-04-15 21:38:36 UTC
Snake Juiceintelligence_requirement2023-04-18 02:21:34 UTC
Bread Loavesslot2023-04-23 00:47:52 UTC
Mana Vial Smallstrength_increase2023-04-23 23:04:27 UTC
Mana Vial Smallskill_requirement2023-04-23 23:17:32 UTC
Snake Juicearmor_increase2023-04-25 23:41:34 UTC
Holly Leafrarity2023-04-26 10:14:06 UTC
Snake Juiceconstitution_increase2023-04-26 22:58:53 UTC
Chest Of Armor Smallsell_price2023-04-28 02:09:23 UTC
Scroll Of Diseasesell_price2023-04-28 03:05:40 UTC
Mana Bottle Smallskill_requirement2023-04-28 03:30:42 UTC
Mana Bottle Smallsell_price2023-04-29 16:15:26 UTC
Toasted Spider Legselemental_armor_increase2023-04-29 22:31:54 UTC
Chumweight2023-05-13 16:35:41 UTC
Dragon ScalesResource: Burrow Mound2023-05-13 17:37:40 UTC
Cooked Stingrayintelligence_increase2023-05-14 14:58:53 UTC
Scroll Of Healstrength_requirement2023-05-14 16:43:08 UTC
Crucibleexp_increase_percent2023-05-15 12:41:25 UTC
Mana Vial Smallstrength_requirement2023-05-17 22:38:14 UTC
Seeds Of Appleskill_requirement_type2023-05-28 15:11:39 UTC
Mana Bottle Smallskill_type2023-05-28 15:49:42 UTC
Mana Vial Mediumdamage_increase_percent2023-05-29 17:55:23 UTC
Green Slimedescription2023-05-30 00:27:05 UTC
Green SlimeMonster: Swamp Muck2023-05-31 17:15:20 UTC
Tiny Slime Drop Greenskill_requirement_type2023-05-31 17:26:26 UTC
Arrows Of Mahoganydexterity_requirement2023-05-31 17:39:23 UTC
Green Slimedexterity_increase2023-05-31 20:40:45 UTC
Mana Bottle Smalldamage_increase_percent2023-06-01 01:35:45 UTC
Mana Bottle Smalldexterity_increase2023-06-01 01:37:28 UTC
Green Slimemana_increase2023-06-03 14:59:03 UTC
Green Slimegold_increase_percent2023-06-03 18:35:53 UTC
Arrows Of Mahoganyconstitution_increase2023-06-03 18:47:23 UTC
Green Slimedexterity_requirement2023-06-03 18:56:37 UTC
Arrows Of Mahoganygold_increase_percent2023-06-04 02:35:14 UTC

Armor Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Robe Cloakskill_requirement_type2023-04-15 23:06:15 UTC
Robe Sandlesweight2023-04-16 01:23:52 UTC
Cloth Coatslot2023-04-28 02:24:45 UTC
Robe Satcheldescription2023-04-28 05:20:42 UTC
Linen Glovesconstitution_requirement2023-05-14 16:30:13 UTC
Linen Cuffsell_price2023-05-28 21:36:55 UTC
Leather Leggingsintelligence_requirement2023-06-01 23:55:14 UTC

Weapon Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Thick Staffdescription2023-04-15 22:10:22 UTC
Pine Staffhit_max2023-04-16 02:13:25 UTC
Pine Staffin_dailies2023-04-22 23:22:51 UTC
Lead Round Maceelemental_hit_max2023-04-23 00:01:11 UTC
Barbarian Swordslot2023-04-25 20:59:20 UTC
Decorative Swordstrength_requirement2023-04-28 03:26:53 UTC
Decorative Axedescription2023-04-28 21:27:07 UTC
Decorative Macein_dailies2023-04-28 23:05:35 UTC
Decorative Axeweight2023-05-14 14:25:27 UTC
Thick Swordslot2023-05-14 16:14:56 UTC
Thick Sworddexterity_requirement2023-05-14 17:58:54 UTC
Decorative Maceslot2023-05-14 18:20:45 UTC
Barbarian SwordMonster: Skeleton2023-05-18 01:21:21 UTC

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