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Wiki: Items: Grilled Salmon

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Grilled Salmon
Description:Grilled to perfection.
Weight:3Sell Price:172
Daily Task:?Daily Gift:?
Strength Req.:0Constitution Req.:0
Dexterity Req.:0Intelligence Req.:20
Level Req.:46Skill Req.:41
Skill Req. Type:Healing
Health Inc.:145Mana Inc.:0
Skill Type:NoneSkill Inc.:0
Strength Inc.:0Constitution Inc.:0
Dexterity Inc.:0Intelligence Inc.:0
Armor Inc.:0E-Armor Inc.:0
Damage Inc. %:0E-Damage Inc. &:0
Exp Inc. %:0Gold Inc. %:0
Luck Inc.%:0

Dropped By:


Sold By:


Traded By:


Premium Shop:


Crafting Recipe:

Crafting TypeRecipe DetailsLevel Req.
CookingRecipe: Grilled Salmon41

Crafting Ingredient:

Crafting TypeRecipe DetailsLevel Req.

Quest Gives:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Quest Tasks:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Quest Rewards:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Wiki Researchers:

NameField NameUnlock Date
TomekGold Increase Percent2020-06-04 19:40:58 UTC
VoodooKingHadesElemental Armor Increase2020-07-11 01:01:13 UTC
VoodooKingHadesSkill Requirement2020-07-13 07:15:35 UTC
VoodooKingHadesLuck Increase Percent2020-07-13 07:19:07 UTC
VoodooKingHadesDescription2020-07-13 08:33:11 UTC
VoodooKingHadesMana Increase2020-07-13 08:35:33 UTC
VoodooKingHadesSkill Increase2020-07-13 08:41:41 UTC
VoodooKingHadesConstitution Increase2020-07-13 21:24:00 UTC
VoodooKingHadesWeight2020-07-14 02:48:36 UTC
VoodooKingHadesHealth Increase2020-07-14 03:00:44 UTC
VoodooKingHadesStrength Increase2020-07-14 09:05:30 UTC
VoodooKingHadesRarity2020-07-14 17:53:36 UTC
VoodooKingHadesIntelligence Increase2020-07-14 20:50:05 UTC
VoodooKingHadesExp Increase Percent2020-07-15 03:11:33 UTC
VoodooKingHadesDexterity Increase2020-07-15 08:32:44 UTC
VoodooKingHadesDuration2020-07-15 08:32:15 UTC
TessIntelligence Requirement2020-07-16 20:26:50 UTC
TessElemental Damage Increase Percent2020-07-17 13:52:04 UTC
TessSkill Requirement Type2020-07-17 20:38:32 UTC
TessStrength Requirement2020-07-18 11:59:03 UTC
TessDexterity Requirement2020-07-18 12:13:10 UTC
TessArmor Increase2020-07-18 12:33:59 UTC
TessSlot2020-07-18 13:46:56 UTC
TessDamage Increase Percent2020-07-19 00:58:20 UTC
VoodooKingHadesSkill Type2020-07-19 06:15:23 UTC
VoodooKingHadesSell Price2020-07-19 06:15:09 UTC
VoodooKingHadesConstitution Requirement2020-07-19 06:17:20 UTC

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