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Wiki: Items: Steel Bar

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Steel Bar
Description:A chunk of steel.
Weight:4Sell Price:20
Strength Req.:0Constitution Req.:0
Dexterity Req.:0Intelligence Req.:0
Level Req.:16Skill Req.:11
Skill Req. Type:Blacksmithing

Dropped By:


Sold By:


Traded By:


Premium Shop:


Crafting Recipe:

Crafting TypeRecipe DetailsLevel Req.

Crafting Ingredient:

Crafting TypeRecipe DetailsLevel Req.
CarpentryRecipe: Bow Saw15
CarpentryRecipe: Hand Saw26
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Belt22
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Cuirass24
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Cuisses19
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Gauntlets16
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Helm20
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Sabatons18
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Targe17
CarpentryRecipe: Steel Spear17
CarpentryRecipe: Steel Axe18
CarpentryRecipe: Steel Bardiche19
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Bow20
CarpentryRecipe: Steel Club21
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Cutlass19
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Dagger18
CarpentryRecipe: Steel Wand20
BlacksmithingRecipe: Arrows Of Steel14
BlacksmithingRecipe: Bolts Of Steel16
CarpentryRecipe: Blood Blade56
CarpentryRecipe: Steel Crossbow16
BlacksmithingRecipe: Crucible18
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Hammer25
BlacksmithingRecipe: Steel Pickaxe27
CarpentryRecipe: Draw Knife17
CarpentryRecipe: Burnt Staff79
BlacksmithingRecipe: Aquaric Blade31
BlacksmithingRecipe: Vortex Drink34
CarpentryRecipe: Breezen Axe36
BlacksmithingRecipe: Wyvern Sword92

Quest Gives:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Quest Tasks:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Quest Rewards:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Wiki Researchers:

NameField NameUnlock Date
FrostavengerDexterity Requirement2016-02-22 20:05:05 UTC
spoonDescription2016-02-24 12:45:07 UTC
XalizardStrength Requirement2016-02-26 08:19:40 UTC
DysupIntelligence Requirement2016-02-27 08:38:13 UTC
DysupSell Price2016-02-27 08:38:07 UTC
DysupSlot2016-02-27 22:52:48 UTC
DysupSkill Requirement2016-02-27 22:52:40 UTC
LegendConstitution Requirement2017-03-02 21:56:01 UTC
LegendSkill Requirement Type2017-03-02 22:07:34 UTC
KingKevWeight2020-09-23 10:51:13 UTC
AeloRarity2021-02-24 09:57:32 UTC

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