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Wiki: Players: Dysup

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Age:2016-02-18 19:43:35 UTC


Helm:Steel Helm
Chest:Serpent Torso
Gloves:Serpent Mitts
Pants:Serpent Pants
Boots:Serpent Boots
Necklace:Silver Necklace
Ring 1:Silver Ring
Ring 2:Silver Ring
Belt:Serpent Belt
Left Hand:Serpent Shield
Right Hand:Steel Cutlass



Wiki Unlocks:


Monster Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Snakefaction_id2016-02-19 14:35:56 UTC
Fire Mitesconstitution2016-02-20 12:44:14 UTC
Mouseconstitution2016-02-20 14:07:13 UTC
Snake Coralfaction_id2016-02-20 14:19:48 UTC
Snake CoralArmor: Chainmail Coif2016-02-21 06:49:12 UTC
Snake Cornwalk_distance_during_attack2016-02-21 07:14:39 UTC
Fire Mitesspawn_rate2016-02-21 10:36:48 UTC
Snake Coralwalk_distance2016-02-21 16:34:01 UTC
Fire MitesWeapon: Wooden Bow2016-02-21 17:10:42 UTC
Fire MitesWeapon: Lead Dagger2016-02-22 12:50:41 UTC
Frogelemental_hit_min2016-02-24 14:11:25 UTC
Snake CoralItem: Snake Fang2016-02-24 14:49:34 UTC
Snake Cornhit_min2016-02-24 15:42:24 UTC
Snake Cornspawn_rate2016-02-24 15:55:02 UTC
Fire MitesItem: Scroll Of Burn2016-02-25 13:40:40 UTC
Snake Coralaction_distance2016-02-25 15:19:30 UTC
Fire Mitesmovement_speed2016-02-26 14:16:11 UTC
Frogelemental_hit_max2016-02-28 04:08:41 UTC
Snakeblocked_objects2016-02-28 04:12:09 UTC
Fire Mitesfaction_id2016-02-28 04:13:30 UTC
Fire MitesItem: Arrows Of Lead2016-02-28 04:36:58 UTC
MouseItem: Bolts Of Pine2016-02-28 04:55:18 UTC
Wraithmovement_speed2016-02-28 05:56:30 UTC
Mouseelemental_armor2016-02-28 11:50:13 UTC
Mouseblocked_mountains2016-02-28 12:16:37 UTC
Mousehit_min2016-02-29 14:15:02 UTC
MouseItem: Arrows Of Pine2016-03-01 14:30:12 UTC

NPC Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Resource Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
LeadItem: Rock Dust2016-02-21 06:37:18 UTC
Forgeskill_requirement2016-02-21 06:41:41 UTC
Forgeaction_length2016-02-21 16:37:45 UTC
Forgespawn_rate2016-02-21 16:42:33 UTC
Blacksmiths Anvilskill_requirement2016-02-26 12:33:07 UTC
Sunflower Plantdescription2016-02-27 09:05:29 UTC
Steeldescription2016-02-27 13:28:35 UTC
Steelexp2016-02-28 11:19:38 UTC

Item Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Burnt Ashconstitution_requirement2016-02-20 14:21:26 UTC
Pine Planksweight2016-02-20 15:55:29 UTC
Pine Logsskill_requirement_type2016-02-20 16:25:54 UTC
Burnt AshMonster: Fire Mites2016-02-21 10:52:18 UTC
Lead Oreskill_requirement_type2016-02-21 16:34:24 UTC
Snake Fangdescription2016-02-22 12:06:10 UTC
Burnt Ashrarity2016-02-22 12:26:49 UTC
Burnt Ashskill_requirement_type2016-02-22 12:43:15 UTC
Goldskill_requirement2016-02-24 13:47:19 UTC
Frog Skindexterity_requirement2016-02-24 14:16:50 UTC
Bat Wingsell_price2016-02-24 14:32:37 UTC
Snake Fangskill_requirement_type2016-02-24 14:58:54 UTC
Health Vial Smallintelligence_increase2016-02-25 15:24:37 UTC
Lead Oreslot2016-02-26 12:01:13 UTC
Pebblesweight2016-02-27 04:11:27 UTC
Sandslot2016-02-27 04:36:14 UTC
Steel Oreslot2016-02-27 12:52:33 UTC
Steel Barintelligence_requirement2016-02-27 13:38:13 UTC
Steel Barsell_price2016-02-27 13:38:07 UTC
Steel Barslot2016-02-28 03:52:48 UTC
Steel Barskill_requirement2016-02-28 03:52:40 UTC
Burnt Ashweight2016-02-28 04:32:45 UTC
Arrows Of Pinesell_price2016-02-28 06:01:59 UTC
Mouse Tailweight2016-02-28 09:31:36 UTC
Bat Wingstrength_requirement2016-02-28 12:01:08 UTC
Glass Vial Smallweight2016-02-29 13:12:58 UTC
Glass Vial Smalldexterity_requirement2016-03-04 06:23:40 UTC
Glass Vial Smallsell_price2016-03-05 20:52:17 UTC

Armor Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Robe Sandlesdexterity_requirement2016-02-28 13:32:03 UTC
Chainmail Shielddexterity_requirement2016-02-29 12:46:10 UTC
Chainmail ShieldMonster: Spider2016-02-29 13:36:25 UTC
Chainmail Shieldweight2016-02-29 15:23:41 UTC
Chainmail Shieldskill_requirement2016-03-03 15:58:00 UTC
Chainmail Shieldenchanted_cost2016-03-03 21:22:49 UTC
Robe Sandlesstrength_requirement2016-03-04 23:31:04 UTC
Chainmail Shieldsell_price2016-03-05 20:17:30 UTC

Weapon Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Wooden Wandsell_price2016-03-03 21:56:43 UTC
Wooden Wandenchanted_cost2016-03-04 06:46:18 UTC
Wooden Wandslot2016-03-04 17:50:09 UTC
Wooden Wandweight2016-03-05 01:08:14 UTC

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