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Wiki: Monsters: Mouse

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Description:Squeak squeak.
Hit Speed(ms):1260Hit:8-12
Elemental Type:NoneE-Hit:0-0
Move Speed(ms):280Respawn(min):1
Faction:PeltAction Distance:1
Walk Distance:20Attack Distance:34
Blocked Water:yesBlocked Mountains:yes
Blocked Objects:yes


Bread Loaves1-16%
Lead Pike1-11.8%
Mouse Tail1-146%
Cloth Belt1-13%
Lead Round Mace1-12%
Arrows Of Pine2-420%
Bolts Of Pine1-315%
Chest Of Weapons Tiny1-11.95%
Shard Of Pelt1-10.1%

Quest Tasks:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Wiki Researchers:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Crazy ClownWalk Distance2016-02-14 14:12:23 UTC
MatoMovement Speed2016-02-14 14:33:32 UTC
MatoDrop: Mouse Tail2016-02-14 18:00:00 UTC
VenominaBlocked Objects2016-02-17 04:13:33 UTC
XalizardElemental Hit Max2016-02-17 07:39:07 UTC
pierreCHTpArmor2016-02-17 11:23:12 UTC
pierre CHTBlocked Water2016-02-18 07:32:03 UTC
MatoDrop: Bread Loaves2016-02-18 18:52:02 UTC
MatoHit Max2016-02-19 17:53:41 UTC
MatoStrength2016-02-19 17:53:44 UTC
DysupConstitution2016-02-20 09:07:13 UTC
MatoDrop: Lead Pike2016-02-20 09:31:25 UTC
MatoSpawn Rate2016-02-20 09:51:34 UTC
MatoDexterity2016-02-20 16:12:21 UTC
MatoDescription2016-02-20 17:34:14 UTC
MatoDrop: Cloth Belt2016-02-20 18:37:25 UTC
MatoIntelligence2016-02-20 18:48:33 UTC
pierre CHTFaction Id2016-02-20 23:49:22 UTC
pierre CHTElemental Hit Min2016-02-21 05:01:47 UTC
pierre CHTDrop: Lead Round Mace2016-02-21 05:08:14 UTC
MatoAction Distance2016-02-21 12:50:45 UTC
pierre CHTHit Speed2016-02-22 01:27:25 UTC
CrixusWalk Distance During Attack2016-02-27 14:46:10 UTC
DysupDrop: Bolts Of Pine2016-02-27 23:55:18 UTC
DysupElemental Armor2016-02-28 06:50:13 UTC
DysupBlocked Mountains2016-02-28 07:16:37 UTC
DysupHit Min2016-02-29 09:15:02 UTC
DysupDrop: Arrows Of Pine2016-03-01 09:30:12 UTC
PoofDrop: Shard Of Pelt2017-03-02 22:11:46 UTC
PuffFaction2017-03-02 23:26:26 UTC
BrbaddDrop: Chest Of Weapons Tiny2017-03-22 04:14:05 UTC


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