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Wiki: Players: Poof

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Age:2016-05-16 03:05:30 UTC


Helm:Silk Hood
Chest:Pirate Shirt
Gloves:Silk Gloves
Pants:Silk Pants
Boots:Pirate Boots
Necklace:Silver Necklace Diamond
Ring 1:Titanium Ring Peridot
Ring 2:Titanium Ring Peridot
Belt:Pirate Belt
Left Hand:Pirate Hook
Right Hand:Crystaled Wand



Wiki Unlocks:


Monster Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
MouseItem: Shard Of Pelt2017-03-03 03:11:46 UTC
Snake Cornmovement_speed2017-03-06 23:49:42 UTC
VampireArmor: Bone Necklace2017-03-08 04:41:48 UTC
Harpydescription2017-03-08 08:33:32 UTC
Vampire Batelemental_armor2017-03-08 08:41:41 UTC
Vampire Batwalk_distance_during_attack2017-03-08 09:00:13 UTC
Swamp Muckaction_distance2017-03-08 22:07:46 UTC
Swamp Muckwalk_distance_during_attack2017-03-08 22:31:11 UTC
HarpyItem: Bird Claw2017-03-08 22:37:07 UTC
HarpyItem: Arrows Of Pine2017-03-09 04:56:46 UTC
WraithWeapon: Decorative Axe2017-03-09 23:57:46 UTC
Tormented Soulswalk_distance2017-03-10 00:12:41 UTC
Ravenhit_max2017-03-10 22:31:03 UTC
Ravenwalk_distance2017-03-11 00:54:54 UTC
RavenItem: Eyeball2017-03-11 01:40:18 UTC
Ravenhit_speed2017-03-11 02:28:55 UTC
Ravenconstitution2017-03-12 06:36:04 UTC
Ravenaction_distance2017-03-12 06:55:17 UTC
Ravenelemental_hit_min2017-03-13 01:02:15 UTC
Ravenmovement_speed2017-03-14 04:26:56 UTC
Ice Critterintelligence2017-04-06 21:14:38 UTC
Ice CritterItem: Scroll Of Greed2017-04-06 21:19:58 UTC
Ice CritterItem: Shard Of Frost2017-04-06 21:21:18 UTC
Ice CritterWeapon: Gnarled Staff2017-04-06 23:25:29 UTC
Ravenspawn_rate2017-04-07 03:18:52 UTC
Ravenblocked_mountains2017-04-07 03:27:18 UTC
Ravenblocked_objects2017-04-07 03:39:19 UTC
LizardArmor: Iron Belt2017-04-15 19:20:30 UTC
LizardArmor: Silk Cuff2017-04-17 23:48:31 UTC

NPC Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Resource Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Item Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Bolts Of Pinestrength_requirement2017-03-03 03:15:12 UTC
Mouse Taildescription2017-03-06 21:46:17 UTC
Mouse Tailconstitution_requirement2017-03-06 22:15:37 UTC
Bolts Of Leaddexterity_requirement2017-03-07 04:30:32 UTC
Honeycombdexterity_requirement2017-03-08 02:14:35 UTC
Arm Boneweight2017-03-08 02:35:24 UTC
Bolts Of Steelduration2017-03-10 04:32:32 UTC
Bolts Of Steeldexterity_increase2017-03-10 19:27:29 UTC
Bird Clawconstitution_requirement2017-03-10 21:56:45 UTC
Featherweight2017-03-12 07:15:51 UTC
Featherconstitution_requirement2017-03-12 07:31:49 UTC
Bird Clawsell_price2017-03-13 01:08:06 UTC
Featherskill_requirement2017-03-13 01:38:55 UTC
Bird Clawdexterity_requirement2017-03-13 01:48:18 UTC
Bird Clawrarity2017-04-11 22:24:14 UTC
Featherskill_requirement_type2017-04-11 23:20:03 UTC
Featherstrength_requirement2017-04-13 23:25:36 UTC
FeatherMonster: Harpy2017-04-15 00:03:58 UTC

Armor Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Weapon Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Steel Wandspeed2017-03-07 23:06:45 UTC

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