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Wiki: Players: Seph

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Age:2024-01-12 00:35:56 UTC


Helm:+1 Water Helm
Chest:+3 Journeyman Vestment
Gloves:Dark Gloves
Pants:+4 Water Pants
Boots:(Uncommon) Water Boots
Necklace:Gold Necklace Peridot
Ring 1:(Uncommon) Gold Ring Aquamarine
Ring 2:Gold Ring Aquamarine
Belt:+3 Holy Belt
Left Hand:+3 Wet Buckler
Right Hand:Earth Spear
Costume:Costume Werewolf
Pet:Pet Turkey



Wiki Unlocks:


Monster Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
WraithArmor: Silver Necklace2024-01-13 17:40:18 UTC
ShadeItem: Skull2024-01-17 02:06:59 UTC
Flea Swarmhit_max2024-01-18 00:45:23 UTC
Dragon Greenblocked_objects2024-01-18 03:29:54 UTC
Spider Magedexterity2024-02-06 02:03:17 UTC
Spider MageItem: Shard Of Bugs2024-02-07 00:42:50 UTC
Spider Magestrength2024-02-07 02:21:36 UTC
Spider Mageaction_distance2024-02-07 02:31:05 UTC
Spider QueenItem: Seeds Of Strawberry2024-02-08 01:07:29 UTC
Spider Magedescription2024-02-08 02:50:16 UTC
SludgeItem: Eucalyptus Sprig2024-02-08 05:11:33 UTC
SludgeItem: Shard Of Marine2024-02-09 02:18:56 UTC
SludgeItem: Tiny Slime Drop Blue2024-02-09 08:06:26 UTC
Sludgewalk_distance2024-02-10 02:51:45 UTC
Spider QueenArmor: Wind Belt2024-02-11 23:36:45 UTC
Spider MageArmor: Dark Belt2024-02-13 00:58:36 UTC
Spider QueenItem: Shard Of Bugs2024-02-13 02:03:10 UTC
Spider MageItem: Gold2024-02-13 02:14:07 UTC
Sludgemovement_speed2024-02-15 01:17:01 UTC
Sludgefaction2024-02-15 01:17:15 UTC

NPC Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Resource Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Item Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Tome Of Tailoringdexterity_requirement2024-01-16 04:37:24 UTC
Bottle Emptyconstitution_requirement2024-01-16 06:12:29 UTC
Scroll Of Smiteskill_requirement2024-01-16 22:46:28 UTC
Scroll Of Fortifyskill_requirement_type2024-01-18 01:07:05 UTC
Dragon Scalesdexterity_requirement2024-01-18 04:12:19 UTC
Mana Vial Mediumduration2024-01-19 08:05:14 UTC
Pouch Of Nothing Mediumskill_requirement2024-01-22 02:12:18 UTC
Seeds Of Rose Reddexterity_requirement2024-01-22 08:06:32 UTC
Pouch Of Nothing Mediumintelligence_requirement2024-01-23 04:07:20 UTC
Scroll Of Swelldescription2024-01-23 11:06:42 UTC
Scroll Of Swellrarity2024-01-23 11:16:31 UTC
Scroll Of HealMonster: Spirits2024-01-23 11:19:17 UTC
Shard Of CherubsMonster: Unicorn Putrid2024-01-23 11:22:10 UTC
Scroll Of Fortifydexterity_requirement2024-01-23 11:26:58 UTC
Seeds Of Rose Redconstitution_requirement2024-01-24 22:54:52 UTC
Tome Of ForagingResource: Aloe Vera Plant2024-01-25 04:23:39 UTC
Tome Of Foragingintelligence_requirement2024-01-27 03:17:01 UTC
Seeds Of Rose Redweight2024-01-27 10:25:16 UTC
AquamarineResource: Tiny Ripple2024-01-28 01:57:05 UTC
Scroll Of Wisdomskill_requirement_type2024-01-28 12:08:41 UTC
Pouch Of Nothing Mediumstrength_requirement2024-01-28 23:03:44 UTC
Pouch Of Nothing Mediumsell_price2024-01-28 23:09:39 UTC
Pouch Of Nothing Mediumweight2024-01-28 23:10:07 UTC
Pouch Of Nothing Mediumdescription2024-01-28 23:12:25 UTC
Tome Of Carpentryskill_requirement2024-01-30 09:08:48 UTC
Scroll Of Burnskill_requirement_type2024-01-31 01:18:37 UTC
Mortar And Pestleskill_increase2024-02-01 01:08:44 UTC
Potion Vial Hunterconstitution_increase2024-02-05 02:05:18 UTC
Tiny Spider Fangsintelligence_requirement2024-02-08 02:15:12 UTC
Bright LightMonster: Albatross Boss2024-02-08 03:33:05 UTC
Tiny Slime Drop Bluestrength_requirement2024-02-10 03:12:44 UTC
Potion Vial Spiritslot2024-02-16 01:23:45 UTC
Scroll Of Greedsell_price2024-02-17 12:38:21 UTC
Box Of TomesMonster: Egg King Boss2024-02-17 17:18:43 UTC
Potion Love Smalldexterity_increase2024-02-17 17:25:18 UTC

Armor Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Tunicelemental_armor2024-01-13 18:36:02 UTC
Cloth Coatskill_requirement2024-01-15 05:13:09 UTC
Robe CuffMonster: Spore Swarm2024-01-16 02:31:39 UTC
Pirate Slopsconstitution_requirement2024-01-16 05:56:29 UTC
Pirate Beltarmor2024-01-18 02:12:12 UTC
Bone Necklacesell_price2024-01-23 11:29:21 UTC
Iron Kite Shieldskill_requirement2024-01-27 15:40:02 UTC
Iron Kite Shieldenchanted_cost2024-01-27 16:16:09 UTC
Mystic Beltskill_requirement_type2024-01-30 02:19:25 UTC
Bronze Gauntletsconstitution_requirement2024-02-10 19:28:33 UTC

Weapon Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Steel Axedescription2024-01-13 01:12:57 UTC
Sturdy Morningstarin_dailies2024-01-31 00:55:10 UTC
Gnarled Staffslot2024-02-04 19:57:01 UTC
Cracked AxeMonster: Yetti2024-02-13 03:12:41 UTC

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