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Wiki: Items: Bronze Ingot

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Bronze Ingot
Description:Perfect to create statues.
Weight:4Sell Price:172
Daily Task:?Daily Gift:?
Strength Req.:0Constitution Req.:0
Dexterity Req.:0Intelligence Req.:0
Level Req.:46Skill Req.:41
Skill Req. Type:Blacksmithing

Dropped By:


Sold By:


Traded By:

Recycler Blacksmithing
Recycler Blacksmithing
Recycler Blacksmithing
Recycler Blacksmithing
Recycler Blacksmithing
Recycler Blacksmithing
Recycler Blacksmithing
Recycler Blacksmithing
Recycler Blacksmithing

Premium Shop:


Crafting Recipe:

Crafting TypeRecipe DetailsLevel Req.

Crafting Ingredient:

Crafting TypeRecipe DetailsLevel Req.
BlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Barbute65
BlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Belt62
BlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Boots67
BlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Curiass71
BlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Gauntlets64
BlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Greaves62
BlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Targe72
CarpentryRecipe: Bronze Axe60
BlacksmithingRecipe: Bronze Dagger54
CarpentryRecipe: Bronze Glaive50
CarpentryRecipe: Bronze Mace57
CarpentryRecipe: Bronze Staff58
BlacksmithingRecipe: Arrows Of Bronze48
BlacksmithingRecipe: Bolts Of Bronze51
TailoringRecipe: Reverencer Belt47
TailoringRecipe: Reverencer Gloves48
TailoringRecipe: Reverencer Pants49
TailoringRecipe: Reverencer Hood50
TailoringRecipe: Reverencer Cuff52
TailoringRecipe: Reverencer Boots54
TailoringRecipe: Reverencer Chest56
BlacksmithingRecipe: Sewing Needle Bronze53

Quest Gives:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Quest Tasks:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Quest Rewards:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Wiki Researchers:

NameField NameUnlock Date
TomekSkill Requirement Type2020-06-13 04:16:05 UTC
TomekIntelligence Requirement2021-03-03 05:27:40 UTC
VanguardSell Price2021-04-29 02:25:24 UTC
WandrarxSlot2021-12-29 22:30:10 UTC
zarastrDexterity Requirement2022-01-30 17:28:36 UTC
zarastrWeight2022-05-17 12:11:05 UTC
zarastrRarity2023-03-11 22:34:29 UTC
zarastrDescription2023-03-11 22:37:48 UTC
zarastrSkill Requirement2023-03-11 22:41:54 UTC
TomekStrength Requirement2023-09-26 18:43:36 UTC
TomekConstitution Requirement2023-10-18 04:44:52 UTC

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