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Wiki: Items: Diamond Chunks

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Diamond Chunks
Description:Little chunks of $.
Weight:1Sell Price:1000
Daily Task:?Daily Gift:?
Strength Req.:0Constitution Req.:0
Dexterity Req.:?Intelligence Req.:0
Level Req.:0Skill Req.:0
Skill Req. Type:None

Dropped By:

Snake GrimMonsters1-110%
Frog GrimMonsters1-110%
Skeleton GrimMonsters1-110%
Cyclops GrimMonsters1-110%
Flame GrimMonsters1-210%
Giant GrimMonsters1-210%
Toxic Death GrimMonsters1-310%
Siren GrimMonsters1-310%
Golem GrimMonsters1-310%
Hell Spawn GrimMonsters1-410%
Lich GrimMonsters1-410%
Fallen Angel GrimMonsters1-410%
Hydra GrimMonsters1-210%
Ice Devil GrimMonsters1-510%
Holy Flame GrimMonsters1-310%

Sold By:


Traded By:


Premium Shop:


Crafting Recipe:

Crafting TypeRecipe DetailsLevel Req.

Crafting Ingredient:

Crafting TypeRecipe DetailsLevel Req.

Quest Gives:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Quest Tasks:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Quest Rewards:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Wiki Researchers:

NameField NameUnlock Date
VoodooKingHadesDescription2020-07-29 05:51:26 UTC
AeloSell Price2021-03-01 17:33:24 UTC
IIIIMonster: Hell Spawn Grim2021-04-26 15:04:13 UTC
MizuMonster: Snake Grim2022-01-05 09:18:47 UTC
WandrarxSlot2022-01-05 11:55:32 UTC
EvokerRarity2022-01-16 19:25:02 UTC
EvokerMonster: Giant Grim2022-01-22 23:19:10 UTC
WandrarxStrength Requirement2022-01-26 21:17:40 UTC
MizuMonster: Fallen Angel Grim2022-02-01 20:22:58 UTC
VoodooKingHadesMonster: Skeleton Grim2022-02-24 03:33:16 UTC
WandrarxMonster: Lich Grim2022-03-26 11:36:19 UTC
WandrarxSkill Requirement Type2022-04-05 20:30:48 UTC
VanguardMonster: Holy Flame Grim2022-04-27 04:30:40 UTC
zarastrMonster: Hydra Grim2022-07-14 15:53:35 UTC
WandrarxMonster: Siren Grim2022-09-13 15:04:14 UTC
WandrarxMonster: Flame Grim2022-09-20 10:52:32 UTC
WandrarxSkill Requirement2022-10-05 08:58:06 UTC
WandrarxMonster: Ice Devil Grim2022-10-27 20:34:27 UTC
DuckkyStoneConstitution Requirement2023-07-30 10:47:41 UTC
FlamtarMonster: Golem Grim2023-10-21 21:46:32 UTC
FlamtarMonster: Cyclops Grim2023-10-23 13:50:07 UTC
FlamtarMonster: Frog Grim2023-10-26 14:05:24 UTC
FlamtarMonster: Toxic Death Grim2024-04-28 23:02:27 UTC
MinerIntelligence Requirement2024-05-17 14:24:00 UTC
MinerWeight2024-05-23 20:28:45 UTC

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