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Wiki: Players: Ziltoid

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Age:2020-07-06 00:12:29 UTC


Helm:Water Helm
Chest:Water Chest
Gloves:Gold Gauntlets
Pants:Gold Capped Pants
Boots:Water Boots
Necklace:Titanium Necklace Diamond
Ring 1:+1 Platinum Ring
Ring 2:Gold Ring Ruby
Belt:+1 Water Belt
Left Hand:Water Shield
Right Hand:Fire Sword



Wiki Unlocks:


Monster Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Flea Swarmblocked_mountains2020-07-14 16:19:08 UTC
Flea Swarmelemental_hit_min2020-07-14 23:14:50 UTC
Djinnblocked_water2020-07-21 04:42:46 UTC
GiantWeapon: Iron Spiked Club2020-07-27 19:15:19 UTC
Deranged MonkArmor: Gold Necklace Topaz2020-07-30 12:14:56 UTC
Deranged Monkhit_speed2020-07-30 13:58:26 UTC
Deranged MonkItem: Shard Of Cherubs2020-07-30 15:25:34 UTC
Giantarmor2020-07-31 23:06:58 UTC
Ettinaction_distance2020-07-31 23:11:08 UTC
TrollWeapon: Bronze Axe2020-08-02 23:05:35 UTC
Deranged Monkblocked_objects2020-08-03 00:07:05 UTC
Dirt Burrowerstrength2020-08-03 01:38:22 UTC
Valkyriehit_max2020-08-03 16:01:06 UTC
Valkyriestrength2020-08-03 16:13:33 UTC
ValkyrieArmor: Chef Hat2020-08-03 16:15:18 UTC
EttinItem: Shard Of Giants2020-08-04 11:46:27 UTC
Ettinelemental_hit_min2020-08-04 13:47:04 UTC
GolemItem: Iron Ore2020-08-04 13:53:55 UTC
GolemItem: Health Beaker Large2020-08-04 14:08:04 UTC
Stone Giantaction_distance2020-08-04 21:14:36 UTC
EttinArmor: Mystic Skirt2020-08-04 21:18:16 UTC
Golemelemental_armor2020-08-08 00:28:02 UTC
Golemwalk_distance_during_attack2020-08-08 00:39:12 UTC
GolemWeapon: Blood Blade2020-08-09 23:08:52 UTC
Golemdescription2020-08-09 23:35:39 UTC
Golemhit_min2020-08-10 00:47:04 UTC
GolemItem: Bronze Ore2020-08-10 11:34:40 UTC
Djinnhit_max2020-08-11 00:10:46 UTC
Ettinconstitution2020-08-11 09:41:05 UTC
Golem GrimItem: Diamond Chunks2020-08-11 14:09:01 UTC
Ettinhit_min2020-08-11 22:04:03 UTC
Valkyrieblocked_mountains2020-08-21 03:15:14 UTC
Barbarian Xbowmanspawn_rate2020-08-22 19:28:22 UTC
Barbarian XbowmanItem: Burnt Ash2020-08-22 20:06:37 UTC
Barbarian MageItem: Health Bottle Large2020-08-22 20:10:16 UTC
Barbarian Axemanconstitution2020-08-22 20:39:59 UTC
Dullahanarmor2020-08-25 00:22:34 UTC
Frost Knightspawn_rate2020-08-25 21:29:58 UTC
Sirenelemental_armor2020-08-27 23:50:20 UTC
Sirenelemental_hit_min2020-08-27 23:55:48 UTC
Barbarian Mageelemental_armor2020-08-30 23:36:02 UTC
Sludgearmor2020-08-31 00:20:09 UTC
Hell Spawnaction_distance2020-08-31 15:23:33 UTC
Hell Spawnwalk_distance2020-08-31 21:38:02 UTC
Demonmovement_speed2020-09-01 10:42:19 UTC
Sludgedexterity2020-09-01 13:57:35 UTC
SludgeWeapon: Bronze Staff2020-09-01 14:20:31 UTC
Hell Spawnblocked_mountains2020-09-08 02:36:54 UTC
Titanconstitution2020-09-08 03:26:03 UTC
Succubusspawn_rate2020-09-14 17:50:14 UTC
DemonArmor: Fire Gloves2020-09-14 23:57:31 UTC
Frost Knightblocked_mountains2020-09-16 21:26:07 UTC
Frost Knightintelligence2020-09-22 17:57:53 UTC
Sirenelemental_hit_max2020-09-22 18:10:34 UTC
Frost Knightdescription2021-04-12 16:15:36 UTC

NPC Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Resource Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date

Item Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Robe Scrapstrength_requirement2020-07-06 00:28:55 UTC
Robe ScrapResource: Spider Web2020-07-06 12:37:18 UTC
Huge Mushroomweight2020-07-07 13:48:51 UTC
Huge Mushroomsell_price2020-07-08 20:16:32 UTC
Bolts Of LeadMonster: Water Bugs2020-07-13 14:09:03 UTC
Mana Bottle Smallstrength_increase2020-07-19 18:44:38 UTC
Pouch Of Mist Smallintelligence_requirement2020-07-20 01:23:37 UTC
Arrows Of Birchconstitution_requirement2020-07-20 15:47:47 UTC
Mana Bottle Smallduration2020-07-20 18:41:59 UTC
Silk BoltResource: Medium Ripple2020-07-21 03:07:07 UTC
Studded Leather BoltMonster: Djinn2020-07-21 03:29:21 UTC
Studded Leather Boltskill_requirement_type2020-07-21 10:45:54 UTC
Appleselemental_armor_increase2020-07-21 11:10:17 UTC
Applesskill_increase2020-07-21 12:11:50 UTC
Applessell_price2020-07-21 15:34:44 UTC
Applesexp_increase_percent2020-07-21 15:57:35 UTC
ApplesResource: Spider Web2020-07-21 21:39:16 UTC
Applesmana_increase2020-07-22 09:32:42 UTC
Applesdexterity_requirement2020-07-22 12:46:34 UTC
Applesstrength_increase2020-07-22 18:34:14 UTC
Reedweight2020-07-30 12:11:04 UTC
Green Slimeelemental_damage_increase_percent2020-07-30 12:56:08 UTC
Bolts Of Mahoganyskill_type2020-07-30 13:25:10 UTC
Arrows Of Mahoganydamage_increase_percent2020-07-30 19:11:54 UTC
Silk BoltMonster: Djinn2020-08-03 01:15:47 UTC
Silk Boltdescription2020-08-03 02:26:28 UTC
Health Beaker Largesell_price2020-08-04 11:37:53 UTC
Pouch Of Mist Largestrength_requirement2020-08-04 14:14:47 UTC
Health Beaker Largeintelligence_requirement2020-08-04 18:56:54 UTC
Bolts Of Bronzesell_price2020-08-05 04:46:33 UTC
Bolts Of Bronzeelemental_armor_increase2020-08-08 01:06:17 UTC
Chest Of Armor Largeskill_requirement_type2020-08-08 22:42:11 UTC
Health Beaker Mediumskill_increase2020-08-08 23:10:25 UTC
Mana Bottle LargeMonster: Barbarian Mage2020-08-09 23:20:28 UTC
Health Beaker Largeconstitution_increase2020-08-10 00:41:16 UTC
Pouch Of Mist Largedexterity_requirement2020-08-10 01:16:59 UTC
Mana Bottle Largeweight2020-08-10 10:51:46 UTC
Bolts Of Bronzeconstitution_increase2020-08-10 11:22:59 UTC
Health Beaker Largeskill_increase2020-08-10 11:39:46 UTC
Health Beaker Largearmor_increase2020-08-10 13:41:13 UTC
Steel Pickaxeelemental_armor_increase2020-08-10 14:53:29 UTC
Mana Bottle Largesell_price2020-08-10 16:15:05 UTC
Mana Bottle Largeelemental_armor_increase2020-08-10 17:01:45 UTC
Shard Of Giantsdescription2020-08-11 10:22:11 UTC
Mana Bottle Largedescription2020-08-11 13:28:36 UTC
Health Beaker Largedexterity_requirement2020-08-11 13:51:50 UTC
Health Beaker Largeweight2020-08-11 13:56:25 UTC
Mana Bottle Largeintelligence_increase2020-08-11 21:39:40 UTC
Pouch Of Mist LargeMonster: Centaur Grim2020-08-11 22:36:26 UTC
Bolts Of BronzeMonster: Troll2020-08-17 10:55:54 UTC
Bronze Oredexterity_requirement2020-08-17 22:51:02 UTC
Health Beaker Largeelemental_armor_increase2020-08-18 02:42:36 UTC
Pouch Of Mist Largerarity2020-08-18 04:25:45 UTC
Health Beaker Largestrength_increase2020-08-18 13:31:41 UTC
Health Beaker LargeMonster: Golem2020-08-18 13:31:11 UTC
Chest Of Weapons Largeweight2020-08-18 16:47:45 UTC
Pouch Of Mist Largedescription2020-08-18 16:55:01 UTC
Bronze Orestrength_requirement2020-08-18 21:12:39 UTC
Health Bottle LargeMonster: Goblin2020-08-22 20:26:40 UTC
Pouch Of Mist Mediumdescription2020-08-22 21:53:10 UTC
Silk Boltskill_requirement_type2020-08-25 12:14:29 UTC
Pouch Of Mist Largeintelligence_requirement2020-08-25 16:30:52 UTC
Eucalyptus Sprigintelligence_requirement2020-08-31 00:23:57 UTC
Eucalyptus SprigResource: Thick Spider Web2020-08-31 12:35:48 UTC
Ethereal Scrapskill_requirement_type2020-09-01 01:07:52 UTC
Pouch Of Mist LargeMonster: Lich Grim2020-09-01 10:35:23 UTC
Elemental Burning SoulMonster: Flame Grim2020-09-01 10:53:34 UTC
Eucalyptus SprigMonster: Dire Wolf2020-09-01 12:45:49 UTC
Eucalyptus Sprigrarity2020-09-01 13:48:52 UTC
Eucalyptus Sprigskill_requirement_type2020-09-01 13:51:50 UTC
Eucalyptus Sprigdescription2020-09-01 14:29:37 UTC
Eucalyptus Sprigslot2020-09-01 16:02:36 UTC
Pouch Of Mist Largeskill_requirement_type2020-09-15 19:39:28 UTC
GoldMonster: Spider Mage2020-09-22 18:03:34 UTC

Armor Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Robe Headbandskill_requirement2020-07-14 12:08:30 UTC
Bronze Greavesweight2020-08-08 23:53:31 UTC

Weapon Unlocks:

NameField NameUnlock Date
Gale Bowelemental_hit_max2020-07-22 12:18:56 UTC
Gale Bowhit_min2020-07-29 21:08:52 UTC
Blood Bladedescription2020-08-11 16:28:02 UTC
Frozen Daggerweight2020-08-31 12:09:15 UTC
Fire Swordskill_requirement2020-09-01 10:52:51 UTC

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