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Wiki: Monsters: Ettin

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Description:Two heads are better than one.
Hit Speed(ms):1505Hit:84-130
Elemental Type:EarthE-Hit:45-62
Move Speed(ms):655Respawn(min):1
Faction:GiantsAction Distance:1
Walk Distance:19Attack Distance:25
Blocked Water:yesBlocked Mountains:yes
Blocked Objects:yesBlocked Land:?
Daily Task:?


Bolts Of Bronze1-29%
Mana Bottle Large1-215%
Dragon Scale Shield1-10.16%
Bronze Greaves1-10.19%
Mystic Skirt1-10.19%
Blood Crossbow1-10.28%
Fancy Bow1-10.22%
Elemental Polished Rock1-20.31%
Earth Boots1-10.12%
Shard Of Giants1-10.15%
Earth Spear1-10.24%
Bronze Sword1-10.25%

Quest Tasks:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.

Wiki Researchers:

NameField NameUnlock Date
FrostavengerIntelligence2016-02-29 23:43:36 UTC
FrostavengerDrop: Mana Bottle Large2016-03-01 00:04:18 UTC
FrostavengerDrop: Skull2016-03-01 00:11:26 UTC
MatoMovement Speed2016-03-01 22:54:51 UTC
FrostavengerSpawn Rate2016-03-02 01:00:50 UTC
FrostavengerDrop: Dragon Scale Shield2016-03-02 01:09:26 UTC
FrostavengerArmor2016-03-02 01:14:26 UTC
MatoFaction Id2016-03-02 19:26:08 UTC
BloodlustWalk Distance During Attack2016-07-17 16:26:21 UTC
BloodlustBlocked Mountains2016-07-19 15:12:59 UTC
foxDDrop: Elemental Polished Rock2017-04-23 01:58:20 UTC
foxDBlocked Objects2019-08-27 22:43:00 UTC
foxDDrop: Gold2019-08-27 23:54:01 UTC
foxDWalk Distance2019-08-28 01:54:00 UTC
VoodooKingHadesDrop: Earth Boots2019-08-28 02:22:25 UTC
VoodooKingHadesBlocked Water2019-08-28 02:43:50 UTC
foxDStrength2019-08-28 03:08:12 UTC
VoodooKingHadesDrop: Blood Crossbow2020-07-06 05:38:37 UTC
TessHit Max2020-07-29 02:30:38 UTC
ZiltoidAction Distance2020-07-31 23:11:08 UTC
ZiltoidDrop: Shard Of Giants2020-08-04 11:46:27 UTC
ZiltoidElemental Hit Min2020-08-04 13:47:04 UTC
ZiltoidDrop: Mystic Skirt2020-08-04 21:18:16 UTC
ZiltoidConstitution2020-08-11 09:41:05 UTC
ZiltoidHit Min2020-08-11 22:04:03 UTC
VoodooKingHadesDrop: Fancy Bow2020-12-26 02:18:57 UTC
VoodooKingHadesDrop: Bolts Of Bronze2020-12-26 03:11:56 UTC
FlamtarDrop: Bronze Greaves2021-01-31 20:23:15 UTC
EvokerDrop: Earth Spear2021-03-07 09:47:28 UTC
AeloElemental Hit Max2021-03-11 22:54:22 UTC
WandrarxFaction2021-12-16 10:17:36 UTC
WandrarxDescription2021-12-29 07:43:40 UTC
FlamtarDexterity2022-01-11 18:18:23 UTC
EvokerElemental Armor2022-01-22 09:23:35 UTC
WandrarxHit Speed2022-10-07 20:39:11 UTC
WandrarxDrop: Bronze Sword2022-10-12 20:41:57 UTC


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