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Wiki: Resources: Thick Spider Web

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Thick Spider Web
Description:Catches all sorts of things.
Level Req.:32Skill Req.:27
Spawn Rate:2 min(s)Action Length:5 sec(s)


Silk Bolt1-128%
Mystic Bolt1-16%
Eucalyptus Sprig1-22%
Linen Scrap1-144%
Tome Of Foraging1-10.5%
Tome Of Tailoring1-10.5%
Seeds Of Rose Red2-35%

Wiki Researchers:

NameField NameUnlock Date
AzazelSkill Requirement2020-07-29 22:00:04 UTC
AzazelDrop: Silk Bolt2020-08-15 12:29:45 UTC
TheOddOneDescription2020-08-17 17:01:28 UTC
TheOddOneAction Length2020-08-18 03:51:51 UTC
TheOddOneDrop: Eucalyptus Sprig2020-08-18 13:08:07 UTC
AkashaDrop: Mystic Bolt2020-08-22 03:54:27 UTC
AkashaDrop: Linen Scrap2020-08-22 04:11:38 UTC
AkashaExp2020-08-26 20:53:52 UTC
TomekSpawn Rate2020-08-31 15:34:22 UTC
FlamtarDrop: Tome Of Foraging2021-04-06 19:28:11 UTC
FlamtarDrop: Tome Of Tailoring2021-04-06 22:52:28 UTC
FlamtarDrop: Seeds Of Rose Red2022-04-10 03:54:22 UTC


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