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Welcome to Kisnard Online's website - a free to play, mmorpg!  Kisnard online is a 2D fantasy/medieval mmorpg developed by Jay Avondoglio as a tribute to Dransik.  Adventure on quests, explore the huge world, specialize in various tradeskills, slay mythical monsters, team up to fight bosses, interact with many npcs, grow powerful in level and name, loot rare treasures, duel other players in live pvp, and much much more.  Kisnard Online is constantly being improved with new content and features.  All game related info will be posted here.  Come join us in game!

Business Cards

Posted on July 26th, 2016

For those of you lucky enough to have met me in person or for those who just found business cards or stickers somewhere… kudos. I have just received my latest order of business cards and stickers from Vistaprint. Here are all of the designs that I have printed:


Version 1.0 – first card

first business cards version 1.0


Version 2.1 – brown bat cave card

brown bat cave cards version 2.1


Version 2.2 – playable sprites in grass card

playable sprites in grass cards version 2.2

Every time I run out of business cards to hand out to fellow gamers I have decided I will make a new design and order more. I have a hidden envelope in my house that has a bunch of ‘mint’ business cards and stickers of all 3 types so far. On the outside I aptly wrote ‘Kisnard Online Memorabilia’. I am hoping one day they can be an IRL prize for some game event(s). I see a long future for Kisnard Online. I am hoping one day we have a large community playing my mmorpg.

Version 0.9.8 update

Posted on July 5th, 2016


Version 0.9.8 is LIVE – the server is up.  Enjoy!!

Version 0.9.8 is live – *wiping my brow*. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to sit down and do this update, but just kept wanting to add more and more. Well it’s about time. I made some changes to the launcher files (KisnardOnline.bat, KisnardOnline.exe, and which do not get auto updated when you run the game. For best results download a fresh copy of the Kisnard Online client from the downloads page. If you want to retain your window configuration save off the files in your “conf” folder. Also don’t forget to save your screenshots too.

Gameplay balancing
Wiki updates

There is a ton of new:

Check out the release notes page for all of the details!



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