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Kisnard Online is a free to play, 2D fantasy/medieval pixel art mmorpg!  Kisnard online was inspired by Dransik, Ashen Empire, Runescape, and Ultima Online.  Adventure on quests, explore the huge world, specialize in various tradeskills, slay mythical monsters, team up to fight bosses, interact with many npcs, grow powerful in level and name, loot rare treasures, duel other players in live pvp, and much much more.  Kisnard Online is constantly being improved with new content and features.  All game related info will be posted here and on Discord.  Come join us in game!

Version 1.2.4 patch

New Features

  • Weapons and armor can now be +1 through +4 grade – ability to enchant coming in a future release
  • Black Marketer now deals lower level elemental weapons
  • DEVs and GMs able to change the death protect level while server is running – for events

Gameplay Changes

  • Reduced daily quest item gather and kill counts
  • Light surrounding loot on ground brighter
  • Unable to add yourself as a friend

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed underground lighting while keeping ability to have minimap
  • COMPUTER: DPS was showing double on the shop sell inspection
  • COMPUTER: Chat window gains focus after selling something
  • Characters were not being saved to the DB upon logout – just every 1 minute while playing

Version 1.2.3 patch

New Features

  • More content for mid level players – quests, monsters, etc.
  • Putrid and Boss type monsters added
  • Friends window all tab has more functionality
  • Bonus block percent added to the character screen

Gameplay Changes

  • Minimap now able to be used underground
  • Skill level requirements and bonuses now factor in almost everything (i.e. equipment, requirements, spell buffs, etc.)
  • Daily quests more relevant to players level, longer, and give better rewards
  • Cristiana protects players from death level 25 and under
  • Buffed starter equipment and nerfed starter monsters

Bug Fixes

  • Armor skill requirements were locked to Blocking skill (chef hat is cooking, smelting arpon is smelting)
  • Animations were happening in non-visible tiles
  • Recraft with multiple recipes showing proper one
  • Tradeskill luck calculations were off a bit
  • COMPUTER: Requirements popup colors factor in buffed stat levels
  • ANDROID: Chat windows type dropdowns stay in sync
  • ANDROID: Spells window cooldowns were showing incorrect durations
  • ANDROID: Actions window circle countdowns were sometimes painting backwards

Version 1.2.0 patch

New Features

  • Added major and minor level up animations
  • ANDROID: Added send button to chats and handle physical enter key
  • ANDROID: Visible button added to open full chat window

Gameplay Changes

  • All new players start with a Broken Dagger in addition to a Tunic
  • Decreased the cost of Stat Reset Basic

Bug Fixes

  • Grim/Putrid/Boss monster variants did not have sound effects
  • Hopefully fixed the server randomly hanging (shows no characters, npcs, mobs, etc). Players can’t move.



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