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Welcome to Kisnard Online

 Welcome to Kisnard Online's website - a free to play, mmorpg!  Kisnard online is a new 2D fantasy/medieval mmorpg developed by Jay Avondoglio as a tribute to Dransik.  Adventure on quests, explore the huge world, specialize in various tradeskills, slay mythical monsters, team up to fight bosses, interact with many npcs, grow powerful in level and name, loot rare treasures, duel other players in live pvp, and much much more.  It is currently in development and is a long term project.  The game is currently live in open Beta testing.  All game related info will be posted here.  Come join us in game!

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Underground caves

Posted on August 24th, 2015

Here is a preview of an one of the first caves in the game: an underground bat cave on Brethden(noob island). I have been working on content and map drawing like crazy. There is still much more I need in terms of artwork and our resident artist Cecihoney is taking the reins on that charge. I have also added more super powers for DEV and GM characters to moderate the game. More to come… stay tuned.

underground caves mapped

Java SSL issues solved

Posted on August 6th, 2015

For all of you that had noticed, there were some issues with the server due to SSL certificate issues the past week. The server has been down as a result – for your protection. There was a bug in openssl that allowed for a man-in-the-middle attack and it is now fixed.

I am still keeping the server down for the time being while I work on more content fixes and while our amazing artist works on some more assets for the game. Stay tuned for the big release 0.9.5!!

it is up - server it is up - database
- server - local
Positive SSL