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Wiki: Monsters: Flea Swarm

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Flea Swarm
Description:Make you itch like crazy.
Hit Speed(ms):1295Hit:28-38
Elemental Type:WindE-Hit:16-23
Move Speed(ms):485Respawn(min):1
Faction:?Action Distance:?
Walk Distance:18Attack Distance:24
Blocked Water:noBlocked Mountains:no
Blocked Objects:noBlocked Land:?
Daily Task:?


Leather Gloves1-11%
Linen Beltpack1-11.2%
Steel Axe1-10.85%
Mana Bottle Small1-212%
Arrows Of Birch1-24%
Bolts Of Birch1-23%
Scroll Of Stun1-13%
Shard Of Bugs1-10.11%

Quest Tasks:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.
Itching Swarm14All

Wiki Researchers:

NameField NameUnlock Date
FrostavengerElemental Hit Max2016-02-22 04:20:04 UTC
FrostavengerBlocked Water2016-02-24 23:38:07 UTC
MatoDrop: Mana Bottle Small2016-02-28 19:49:39 UTC
MatoDexterity2016-03-01 17:55:00 UTC
MatoWalk Distance2016-03-02 00:35:28 UTC
foxDSpawn Rate2017-04-20 02:39:35 UTC
ToxinDrop: Bolts Of Birch2018-08-05 02:51:29 UTC
VenomosDrop: Scroll Of Stun2018-10-07 04:11:46 UTC
LotusFaction2020-07-07 21:06:12 UTC
ZiltoidBlocked Mountains2020-07-14 16:19:08 UTC
ZiltoidElemental Hit Min2020-07-14 23:14:50 UTC
AzazelElemental Armor2020-08-14 06:19:55 UTC
DerbianDescription2020-08-14 16:07:09 UTC
TheOddOneHit Speed2020-08-18 17:23:32 UTC
FlamtarDrop: Leather Gloves2020-12-02 08:43:33 UTC
FlamtarStrength2021-01-29 01:15:44 UTC
ChampsDrop: Steel Axe2021-04-22 03:19:41 UTC
SkarDrop: Crucible2021-08-18 03:55:17 UTC
LopkeyMovement Speed2021-12-02 02:01:16 UTC
WandraxsArmor2022-01-21 07:59:17 UTC
N e rDrop: Shard Of Bugs2022-02-02 07:14:11 UTC
WolfwoodBlocked Objects2022-02-05 21:10:12 UTC
MystikkoDrop: Arrows Of Birch2022-09-25 12:13:25 UTC
SamoajaConstitution2022-09-26 11:53:41 UTC
EcomonsHit Min2022-11-16 18:26:07 UTC
SephHit Max2024-01-18 00:45:23 UTC
TalaWalk Distance During Attack2024-04-22 23:37:52 UTC
MinerDrop: Linen Beltpack2024-04-26 18:26:06 UTC


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