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Wiki: Monsters: Stone Giant

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Stone Giant
Description:Big and made of stone.
Hit Speed(ms):1540Hit:106-149
Elemental Type:NoneE-Hit:0-0
Move Speed(ms):670Respawn(min):1
Faction:GiantsAction Distance:1
Walk Distance:16Attack Distance:24
Blocked Water:yesBlocked Mountains:yes
Blocked Objects:yesBlocked Land:no
Daily Task:yes


Health Beaker Medium1-27%
Long Bow1-10.48%
Mystic Bolt1-32.3%
Arrows Of Bloodwood1-21.4%
Bolts Of Bloodwood1-21.2%
Steel Ore1-46.9%
Iron Ore2-32.2%
Silk Cuff1-10.5%
Shard Of Giants1-10.14%
Rock Dust1-350%
Copper Dust1-23%

Quest Tasks:

NameLevel Req.Race Req.
Large Evil43All

Wiki Researchers:

NameField NameUnlock Date
MatoHit Max2016-03-01 21:16:09 UTC
FrostavengerBlocked Objects2016-07-09 09:42:58 UTC
FrostavengerWalk Distance During Attack2016-07-09 09:58:31 UTC
FrostavengerWalk Distance2016-07-11 10:09:42 UTC
FrostavengerDrop: Long Bow2016-07-12 00:44:16 UTC
FrostavengerArmor2016-07-12 00:56:09 UTC
FrostavengerBlocked Water2016-07-14 13:22:21 UTC
BloodlustDrop: Mystic Bolt2016-07-16 08:56:52 UTC
BloodlustStrength2016-07-16 09:01:09 UTC
BloodlustElemental Hit Max2016-07-17 09:00:02 UTC
FrostavengerDescription2017-04-10 04:11:01 UTC
FrostavengerMovement Speed2017-04-10 04:31:23 UTC
foxDDrop: Silk Cuff2017-04-12 01:40:37 UTC
foxDElemental Hit Min2017-04-16 22:34:41 UTC
VoodooKingHadesDrop: Steel Ore2019-01-28 00:48:59 UTC
PuppyDrop: Health Beaker Medium2019-10-02 22:35:22 UTC
PuppyElemental Armor2019-10-03 00:25:01 UTC
VoodooKingHadesDrop: Shard Of Giants2020-07-06 04:47:16 UTC
PuppyIntelligence2020-07-26 23:35:54 UTC
TomekDrop: Rock Dust2020-08-03 01:39:06 UTC
TomekDrop: Arrows Of Bloodwood2020-08-03 02:19:48 UTC
ZiltoidAction Distance2020-08-04 21:14:36 UTC
GooseSpawn Rate2020-08-17 00:52:43 UTC
TomekDrop: Bolts Of Bloodwood2020-09-04 03:26:15 UTC
TomekDrop: Iron Ore2021-03-07 04:54:59 UTC
TomekBlocked Mountains2021-03-07 05:18:12 UTC
TomekDrop: Copper Dust2021-03-07 15:40:17 UTC
EvokerHit Min2021-03-08 19:50:55 UTC
VanguardDexterity2021-03-19 03:35:58 UTC
VanguardHit Speed2021-03-25 06:56:06 UTC
MizuConstitution2022-01-14 21:19:29 UTC
MinerFaction Id2024-05-06 15:08:42 UTC
MinerBlocked Land2024-05-19 16:01:00 UTC
MinerDaily Task2024-05-22 16:13:41 UTC


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