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Game will update itself

I have begun really working on hammering out the technical details.  As I am sure you can tell this is the beginning of a game updater.  There is nothing worse than having to un-install and re-install a program just to update it.  I am excited to have all of this stuff done so I can begin working on the game itself.

Game updater

Version 0.1.0 patch

New Features

  • Start of interface(fixed position)
  • Login screen
  • Character creation/deletion screen
  • Working chat
  • User list
  • Basic skills menu

Gameplay Changes

  • none

Bug Fixes

  • none

Client & Server & DB are communicating

Hopefully from this point on I have a good architecture to work off of.  Obviously the graphics are just placeholders and windows skins are pure java for now.


Below is just a snippet for anyone interested.




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