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Quest details window

Check out the quest details pic below!!  Quests can have 1 to many gifts upon accepting, tasks, and rewards upon completion.  I wanted to share a teaser of the quest interface and I decided to go all out!  Teaser shot here, more images on the forums at link below:

Quest interface screenshots *Forums closed, moved to Discord*

As you can see all of the social media sites are now created and image icon links are above.  Please like/+1/follow/whatever Kisnard Online if you would – the support would be greatly appreciated.

Quests details information window

Version 0.4.0 patch

New Features

  • Tradeskills (gathering/processing/finishing) working perfectly
  • Quests (task types: Talk/Gather/Kill) – work in progress
  • Quests interface wip – Active/Completed tabs and quest details upon button press in Active/Completed tab
  • Rewrote give/take gold/WAI(weapons/armor/items) code for quests

Gameplay Changes

  • Able to equip the same weapon/armor if already wearing it – due to ‘looted’ wep/arm
  • Weight system added(for weapons/armor/items) instead of stack limits for items

Bug Fixes

  • Too many to list until a more stable code base

Quest progression

I have been working like a madman on the quest system.  Currently I am working on the ‘kill’ type tasks.  I will also have support for ‘read’, ‘gather’, and ‘talk’ tasks.  It is 2am here, but I am making great progress.  On a partially related topic, if you noticed the place-holder graphic for ‘book stand’, I am looking for content help.  If you are interested in helping please check out the following link on my forums:

Content(artwork/music/soundfx) Help *Forums closed, moved to Discord*

Quests killing work in progress



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