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Save account, less typing

Each ‘save account name’ is saved per character configuration file.  It is the little things that make playing easier/faster.  The config file that was updated most recently(last played character) is used when the client starts(opening the game).

Remember account feature

Identify, interaction WIP

Identify the world you are playing in!  If the graphics are too terrible you can also ctrl + click stuff!  I am also working on making doors, signs, etc. that you can interact with.

Identify the world around you

Minimap (aka. game GPS)

Hopefully the minimap will help those navigate the huge world a little bit easier.  When you move your character the minimap will update and move with you.  It shows 3 or 4(I can’t remember) screens away in 1/16 scale, omitting mobs/npcs/players/objects/etc. as to not give an unfair advantage.

Minimap also known as gps for gamers



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