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Wiki page WIP

Been working on fixing some more frustrating bugs.  To avoid driving myself insane looking at long, boring, data-driven questing code I switched gears for the past few days.  I decided to mock up a sample Wiki site.  I am still contemplating exactly what to show in the table/details pages.  I was thinking of incorporating some in-game way to unlock more wiki stats to avoid it being a total spoiler.  Any suggestions are more than welcomed – drop a line on the suggestions forums *Forums closed, moved to Discord*.

Wiki page for game

Bugs squashed… DEV & GM powers

One of those new features is the DEV/GM Control panel – feel the power.  This window will help the GMs and DEVs moderate the game.  Each DEV/GM permission is fine grained so that trust can be earned (or permissions/GM status taken away).  I am always looking for help and now is a good time to come forward.  If you are an active player(tester) and interested in becoming a GM, please send me a private message on the forums *Forums closed, moved to Discord* so we can start a dialogue.

I seem to have fixed most, if not all, of the crashes/major bugs so far.  The server has been very stable so I am back to working on new content.  Do me a favor and try your best to crash it/break it/find bugs!  DEV Sparkle and I are very excited to get to play with some of you already.

Kick, summon, ban players, DEV/GM controls

Version 0.7.0 patch

New Features

  • All players allowed in the game now!!
  • GM/DEV Control window – ability to teleport self/others
  • Various bug fixes and server stability improvements
  • Many weapons, armors, items, npcs, mobs added to game
  • SITE: updates to Beginners’ Guide – more to come
  • SITE: able to send newsletters
  • SITE: unsubscribe from newsletter feature
  • SITE: added forgot account function

Gameplay Changes

  • none

Bug Fixes

  • Too many to list until a more stable code base



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