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Version 0.7.6 patch

New Features

  • Game loads ~9 seconds faster (due to map chunking)
  • Various bug fixes and server stability improvements
  • More gems (items) added to game
  • SITE: updates to Wiki – more to come

Gameplay Changes

  • Ever so slightly reduced player movement speed
  • Map is now cached rather than loading entirely into memory (drastically reduces RAM requirement)
  • Doors ALMOST able to be opened/closed, windows opened/closed, lamps on/off

Bug Fixes

  • Map caching makes movement feel less laggy(especially when minimap is toggled)
  • Fixed all known server crashes
  • Server npcs/mobs all disappear – looks like a wasteland

Server stable & Wiki page released

First off, Happy New Year – I started this project in September of 2011.  I am so happy to have a great, growing, community and a really nice code base.  Thanks to the awesome help of all of you testers, I was able to identify and fix the remaining server crashes.  The server has been stable for the past few days so please do your worst to it!  The goal is to fix any stability bugs ASAP for a ‘real’ release.  Thanks again, for all of the hard work testing/playing.

As I mentioned in the last post I wanted to make the Wiki page community driven.  I don’t want it to serve as a huge spoiler.  The Wiki is currently live and available at the following link: Kisnard Online Wiki.  As I mention on the Wiki page, “When players are (killing monsters/npcs, gathering weapons/armors/items, etc.) in the game, they have a chance to unlock a random thing (attribute, drop, etc.) on the corresponding page.”  More details of how it works can be found on the Wiki page.  The below image hopefully will also give a pretty good idea of how it will look before/after an unlock.

Wiki research community driven

Please note that some pages and sections of the Wiki are still a work in progress.  Also, the random in game chance to unlock things is not yet implemented on the production server, but will be shortly.

Version 0.7.5 patch

New Features

  • Guild window: doubleclick guild member row to insert member name into action text box
  • Quests progress percentage takes in account sub-task status
  • Quests have more messages related to them (notice on gives/rewards/instructions/etc.)
  • GMDEV Console: all actions are logged
  • GMDEV Console: ability to shutdown server(in game) with countdown/warning message to players
  • GMDEV Console: doubleclick teleport favorites row to insert coordinates into coordinates text box
  • GMDEV Console: summon/warp to players
  • GMDEV Console: kick/ban players
  • GMDEV Console: teleport self/others
  • Updater will close when it updates itself
  • Reuse backpack item key added [R]
  • Chat window colors are consistent with game theme
  • Chat window wraps text properly – no more horizontal scrollbars
  • Various bug fixes and server stability improvements
  • Many weapons, armors, items, npcs, mobs, quests added to game
  • Map enlarged from 1750×1750 to 2200×2200
  • Map updates, boss monster on n00b island
  • SITE: updates to Beginners’ Guide – more to come
  • SITE: wiki creation started – screenshot on front page – more to come

Gameplay Changes

  • Weapons/Armors/Items will now use their required level/stat/skill requirements to equip
  • Mobs/NPCs regen health when not targeting something
  • Sell items back to shop for half the purchase price
  • Kicked from server after 1 minute of inactivity on character selection screen
  • Kicked from server after 5 minutes of inactivity while playing
  • New quest task type – quest_pre_requisite (aka, must have quest xyz done before proceeding)
  • Only able to login to your account once – can’t play multiple characters(on same account) at same time

Bug Fixes

  • So many quest bug fixes
  • Equipping by double clicking in bank does not make already equipped item disappear
  • Equipping into second ring slot does not make ring disappear
  • Hopefully fixed server crashing bug
  • Double button presses(if hitting enter fast) fixed



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