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Looting in game

Looting has made it into the game – you can now loot corpses!  When you double click on your own corpse, as you would expect, you pick up your items.  Any weapons or armor in your corpse will attempt to be equipped if nothing is currently in the slot.  This is designed this way to give players a fighting chance against their killers, rather than wasting time trying to re-equip their weapon/armor.  When you open another player’s corpse you can loot their items (dirty) when it is decayed to a skeleton.  When the corpse is in the goop phase you can cleanly take items. &nbspWhen an item has previously been looted it can be taken at any time.

Player has been looted



Looting from player

Bodies on the floor

The skeleton definitely needs some work drawing wise, but as you can see there are now bodies (corpses) in game.  Each ‘corpse’ contains the player’s full backpack, possibly 1 equipped non-looted item/up to 2 looted items.  I think the player will be able to right click on his/her corpse to pickup and auto re-equip at the same time.  If the player equips any item(s) into those slots, post-mortem, on the way back to the corpse and then tries to right click the corpse those items will remain in the corpse.  I am going to post some thoughts on death gameplay rules on the forums *Forums closed, moved to Discord* – come have a say.

Decaying bodies upon death

Reading & storyline

Working on a reading system so players can dive into the storyline (lore) of the game.  Books, signs, scrolls, etc. will be scattered throughout the game.  I want to make some of the interfaces look a little bit better than plain java!

Read books in game

*EDIT* 04/13/2014

Text is automatically pulled in from the client side.  You can flip pages.  Working on integrating into quest system.

Flip pages on books



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