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Dialogue window

The dialogue window was a huge pain because of handling multiple language support.  The goal is to have it look like a text messaging app.  Right now I need to work on having shorter text align right – but as you know I hate GUI code.  Certain conversations are for quests, some are for Lore and rpg, and others will consist of the npc ‘shouting’ in the chat window.

Dialogue window GUI work in progress

Crafting Window WIP

Looks like I have all of the correct data being passed back and forth for crafting, but what else is new… I always have issues with the GUI code.  This will look pretty normal soon enough.  Recipes can currently take anywhere from 1-5 ingredients to craft.  Crafting is for the ‘finishing’ tradeskills which currently consist of alchemy, blacksmithing, carpentry, and cooking.

Crafting window GUI buggy work in progress

Version 0.3.0 patch

New Features

  • Weapons, Armors, and Items dropping from Monsters and NPCs
  • Buying and selling (weapons/armors/items) from NPC shops
  • Character screen stat increase buttons(2 stat points per level)
  • Tradeskills (gathering/processing/finishing) work in progress
  • Gathering tradeskills have own cursor; processing have animated generic cursor
  • Ability to change keyboard keys (movement/toggles/window shortcuts) work in progress
  • PvP/PvM with death and respawning
  • Data stored in server memory instead of querying database
  • Server checks for syntax of game client requests; hacking/cheating prevention increased

Gameplay Changes

  • Monster/NPC/Tradeskill (gathering/processing/finishing) loot is created on kill, not spawn
  • Database is saved every XX seconds; rollback/server shutdown if any errors
  • General world map concept drawn out on paper – Thanks GM Blue Crackpot

Bug Fixes

  • Too many to list until a more stable code base



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