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Shops & Splitting Piles

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I am still plugging away at Kisnard Online.  I started to work on the shops interface and that caused me to incorporate currency!  Due to this I had to re-work all of the move/swap/split/combine piles code from various containers for stack-able items. Buying and selling items to shops is really cool.

Shop sell tab

I’m still testing the various combinations of ways to move from A to B, but no bugs so far *fingers crossed*.  Right now there are 20 different ways you can move something from the bank window to either the Backpack/Bank/Character/Ground.  Fun Stuff.

Testing ways to move from A to B

Version 0.2.0 patch

New Features

  • Floating interface, transparent windows, saving window state/position
  • Tile based map for players to explore
  • Game files automatically updated from server
  • Game release notes pane in Login window
  • Player movement via WASD keys or mouse right click
  • Multiple chat modes: general, whisper, global, and guild(todo)
  • Working backpack, bank, character equipment screen, and ground
  • Options menu with language support, window settings, damage delt/received icon/text options
  • Welcome messages upon logging in
  • GUI server option: ability to kick/ban players
  • Skills menu completed; efficent sending of exp
  • Basic interaction with NPCs
  • Monsters/NPCs respawn when killed; warp home when walking too far during agro
  • Weapons and armor dropping from Monsters; items(todo)
  • Weapons, armor, and items show popup description on hover-ctrl
  • Can equip/bank/pickup weapons and armor
  • A lot of server side logging and development tools created

Gameplay Changes

  • Ability to attack players/entities(Monsters/NPCs)
  • Monsters will chase/attack you when in sight; NPCs will attack back when attacked
  • Swear filter on character creation screen/override option
  • Players kicked if speedhacking/cheating/modifying client

Bug Fixes

  • Too many to list until a more stable code base

Artificial Intelligence

I have been working non-stop on the artificial intelligence logic.  As you can see monsters are chasing their target now and in this case surrounding her.  The mobs also will chase you for whatever distance I so desire(some may be more lazy than others).  NPCs, non player characters, also have a bit of ‘pep in their step’; random movement for now.

Monsters chasing and surrounding player



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